Child-Friendly Cultures for Travellers – Episode 102 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Before I went on my recent trip to Fiji, a friend of mine who’s taken her kids to a million different countries (okay, closer to 40, but still a lot!) told me that Fiji was the most child-friendly culture she had ever come across. That was a big call coming from someone that well-travelled but it turned out she was right. It’s interesting to me to think about the topic of a culture which welcomes kids, and I realised I’d had some chats with guests already about this very topic – and that’s how this episode came to be.

Of course, the existence of child-friendly cultures kind of implies there are some places that are not child-friendly … but I wouldn’t say that, exactly. More that in some cultures kids are just more accepted in a variety of adult situations and in others – like Australia to a big extent – they’re not. That’s okay – everywhere is different, for lots of reasons – but it’s great to hear about the countries and cultures my guests have found to be particularly embracing of children.

Show notes: Episode 102 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Child-Friendly Cultures for Travellers

Are certain places better – or perhaps easier, and more fun – take your children travelling? In Episode 102 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast we talk about child-friendly cultures for travellers, a topic that came up after I started hearing from my interviewees about some particular countries and cultures where kids were especially welcome.

First up, I chat for the first time with Lindsay and Marshall of Tumble Travels. They moved from Austin, Texas to Barcelona, Spain with their young son and have been thrilled by how much the locals embrace kids – I particularly love the story of the soccer ball!

Then I chat to Lucas Peters who has spent a lot of time in Morocco. He feels that Moroccans really bend over backwards to help with kids when you are travelling with them; we also segue into a bit of a chat on one of my favourite topics, which is just how much travelling can benefit children.

Finally, I talk with Sandra Muller about her experiences with her young son in both South Korea and Japan, quite different cultures from Spain or Morocco but similarly welcoming to kids.


Child-Friendly Cultures for Travellers - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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