The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 19 – Travelling with Kids is Good for Everyone

You do not want to try telling me that it's a waste of time to take kids travelling. (You don't want to tell my first guest this either, because she has just as strong opinions as I do!) I'm totally convinced there are numerous benefits of taking a child of any age travelling, despite what some … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 8 – Travel with Kids and Kids on Travel

I was super-lucky to get to travel when I was a kid - six months around Europe in a campervan being the most significant chunk of travelling I got to do, and it shaped so much about my life - I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be a travel blogger and podcaster if that trip hadn't captured my imagination … [Read more...]

9 great things to do in northern Tasmania with kids

Ah, Tasmania. It's obviously a good spot because this was my third trip there, and it's not particularly close to my home base of Perth at all, even if it is all part of the same country. Actually, my son kept describing Tasmania as a different country, since it's an island apart from the mainland, … [Read more...]

A three-day London layover with jet-lagged kids: Our suggestions

Are you friends with jet lag? I am not, but sadly as I live in Western Australia there are many destinations where jet lag can hit badly, and flying long haul to Europe is one of those times. I always try to build in a jet lag buffer to the start of these trips, and this time it was a … [Read more...]

Our southern Iceland itinerary: Tips for a week in Iceland

Keen to float amongst glaciers, walk under waterfalls and gaze at volcanos (hopefully not as they erupt)? Regular readers should guess straight away that I'm talking about the country I've most recently fallen in love with: Iceland. I still have so much to tell you about Iceland. This week … [Read more...]

Legoland Germany reviews from a parent and child: we both LOVED it

If, like me, you are the parent of a child (especially, but not only, a boy) between the ages of four and ten, then you probably know the pain of standing barefoot on a stray Lego piece as you walk into the living room. So, think about the extreme level of that pain. Now think about the absolute … [Read more...]

Kristy’s itinerary for the South Island of New Zealand with kids in a campervan

Recently I shared my friend Kristy's fantastic tips and tricks for campervanning around New Zealand with kids in a campervan - and as promised, here's the itinerary and highlights that Kristy and her family explored in the South Island. Kristy is a "real life" friend of mine who blogs at Loulou Zoo … [Read more...]

Kristy’s tips for travelling around New Zealand with kids in a campervan

I have thought very often about campervanning around New Zealand so it is not without a little piece of jealousy that I'm sharing this guest post (and another one soon). If you want to know how to travel New Zealand with kids then read on! My dear (real life!) friend Kristy of Loulou Zoo has just … [Read more...]

The colossal list of printables for kids on a road trip – resources to entertain children on long drives

My son is a great traveller in many ways, but he is not a fan of long car trips. It's about an hour and twenty minutes in the car when we go to visit my Dad, and that is too long for him - he's fine in a plane or train when I can interact with him more, but a car is like a prison. Road trip … [Read more...]

Selfie videos on your travels

I'm sure my son and I are not alone in enjoying sitting together, hunched at the computer, looking at the photos and videos we've taken on previous trips. But, and I'm especially looking at the mothers out there, how often are you in the photos, or especially, in the videos? Taking selfie videos … [Read more...]