Preparing a 3-year-old for travel with a playdough Brezel

Even though our trip to Germany (and other exciting parts of Europe) is still months away, knowing the nature of my little almost-three-year-old, I decided to get started on talking about the trip early.He's the kind of kid who loves routine over change but did pretty well on our trip to Melbourne … [Read more...]

Beyond boring travel diaries – my new course on travel writing for everyone

Update: Travel Journal School - my new online course to help you make your travel journals and other memories really sing - is starting in October. If you want to know more about it, sign up here: Email Address * Some of you may not know that in my other … [Read more...]

New year, new travels: My plans for 2013

An Irish writer named John Millington Synge is the reason I'm going to visit the Aran Islands this year. Curiously, though, I'd never heard of him until recently. Yet when I realised his inspiration was going to put me close to landscapes like this:Inishmaan by kevinoneillthen I couldn't … [Read more...]

Why travelling with kids is important essential!

I was born to travel.Well, maybe. It might be a combination of nature and nurture. My parents made a big deal about taking us travelling, as regular readers will know from trips like our six-month campervan tour of Europe when I was nine. We were just a normal average middle-class family, certainly … [Read more...]

Contradictions in travel: Confessions of someone who loved Disneyland!

I tend to go on a lot about seeking out the less popular tourist spots, about getting to know the locals, about having authentic experiences when you travel rather than doing the big tacky touristy things. But you know what? Sometimes I just love doing this stuff too. I am a travelling … [Read more...]

My grand Russian adventure is someone else’s summer vacation

I don't remember when I decided that one day I would just have to ride the Trans-Siberian - I really think it's something that I had in mind even before I had figured out where the Trans-Siberian actually ran. When I started planning to do some serious travel, it was high on my priority list. Then I … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Our itinerary and other tips

I've been meaning to wrap up my "Tasmania with a toddler" series for ages - and here it is. Before I went to Tasmania last year, and even while I was there, I was constantly googling phrases like "Tasmania with a toddler" to get some good advice on great places to take a small child, and I didn't … [Read more...]

Because travel sure beats being at school, kids

Going to school is important, right? But could travelling be even better? A friend of mine (coincidentally, the one who inspired me to get involved with Kiva) recently wrote an update on Facebook: And then she made sure I knew about, assuming (100% correctly) that I would be a kindred spirit here! … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a toddler

On my last trip to Germany I survived air travel with a baby, and then the baby got bigger. I realised that our next trips were going to be a bit trickier. Somewhat ambitiously (in retrospect) I booked flights from Perth to Tasmania via Melbourne (there's no direct route) for a time when our little … [Read more...]

Melbourne with a toddler: Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Zoo

My little boy (who's now almost two) and I enjoyed a week in Melbourne recently, and not only was I pleasantly surprised at what an agreeable travel companion he was (although many have since suggested it is probably in his genes to love travelling!), I was also happy that we found so many very … [Read more...]