Collecting juice in Penang – challenging yourself to try new things on your travels

Do you make a deliberate effort to try new foods (and drinks) when you travel?I have to admit that when I first began travelling I was a bit of a food conservative. I was raised vegetarian so trying to avoid meat was one of the issues, but I think in general I was just a bit of a scaredy-cat!But … [Read more...]

The perfect weekend in Perth, my isolated but gorgeous hometown

Perth is the kind of city that lots of people ask about, but few actually end up visiting. Obviously, we are kind of isolated down here, but I'm sure that's why it's such a special place. To give you a taste, this post is all about how I recommend you spend a perfect weekend in Perth - and I hope I … [Read more...]

Garbage truck travel and keeping a travelling child happy in Penang

When you are travelling with a three-year-old boy, you do need to adapt your sightseeing expectations somewhat. After our trip to Vienna turned into an expedition to chase Viennese garbage trucks past Stephansdom, I thought I was fully prepared for this when we travelled to Penang a couple of months … [Read more...]

How to make an Egyptian mummy for your child and to encourage them to love travelling

I am big on encouraging my son to want to travel. First, there is the selfish reason - I want him to be keen to come on all the trips I have planned while he's still young enough to need to come with us. And the unselfish one, of course, is that travelling to different places can teach him SO … [Read more...]

6 great things about travelling childless (when you usually don’t get to)

I've always rather liked travelling solo, even though I haven't done it nearly as much as I would have liked, but since my son arrived three and a half years ago I haven't had the chance to do it at all. Heck, I barely get the chance to go to the shopping centre by myself, let alone hop on a plane! … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a three-year-old (long-haul, the worst kind!)

According to my blog statistics lots of people visit here because they want to know how to survive air travel with a baby or how to survive air travel with a toddler. Having recently been to Europe and back (and one way on my own with Mr3) I have a few more tips but the best piece of advice I have … [Read more...]

Multiculturalism when you’re a three-year-old boy

So, I've got a question - how do you teach kids about different cultures without emphasising the differences so much that being different starts to sound like a bad thing? This is something I think about quite a lot, because I'd kind of like my son to notice people first, cultures and races second. … [Read more...]

Review: Family on the loose – The art of traveling with kids

A couple of months back, Ashley from Family on the Loose got in touch with me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their new book Family on the loose: The art of traveling with kids. Her timing was absolutely perfect as it was just at that moment when I was starting to wonder if I was slightly … [Read more...]

Exploring the rubbish bins and garbage trucks of Vienna – a new perspective on travel

I knew that this trip to Europe would be quite different to any other trip I've made there - I've never had a three-year-old in tow before and if you happen to know any three-year-olds you will know that they are quite a unique species. Curious (about particular things they want to be curious … [Read more...]

Art galleries and kids: Starting them young

Art galleries and me haven't always been the best of friends. Last year I blogged about how I'd learnt to love art galleries - a process of time, maturity, and most especially, having an art expert as a travel companion (but thankfully, not the kind of art expert who drones on and on - rather, one … [Read more...]