Remote Travel in Africa – Episode 96 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Africa is a place many of us aspire to explore but fewer people actually get there. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a little through Tunisia (the pic below is of my camel’s foot when I spent a day out in the Sahara Desert in Tunisia), and have a quick trip to Egypt, but that is not even scraping the surface of what that vast continent has to offer.

Luckily, as part of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I get to talk to lots of people who have spent much more time wandering through Africa, and I loved the chats I had with Linda and Anna that make up today’s episode.

Remote travel in Africa - on a camel in Tunisia

My camel’s foot in Tunisia

Show notes: Episode 96 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Remote Travel in Africa

Africa is one of those most amazing destinations, and of course it’s not a single destination but countless different countries and regions which are all so different to each other – yet we tend to lump them in together, probably because many of us haven’t got to exploring too much of Africa yet.

I start Episode 96 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast chatting with Linda Schlencker, who has spent many, many months guiding small self-drive groups around various parts of Africa so really knows what she’s talking about. We discuss some of the fears that people have that might prevent them coming on such a trip, too, and I have to admit that wildlife passing right by my tent at night is something I’m not entirely comfortable with either!

I then chat with Anna Kwiecinska who has fallen in love with Morocco and spent some long stretches of time there in recent years. She tells in particular of her romantic vision of heading out into the Sahara – and what the reality was like. (Fortunately – still good!)



Remote Travel in Africa - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast




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