Brooke McAlary on Slow Family Travel and Nomadic Life – Episode 130 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Long-term listeners will remember that The Thoughtful Travel Podcast really only came to be because Brooke McAlary started up a podcast network. While that may not exist anymore, I’m still sure that without Brooke, this podcast may never have actually come to life, even though I’d been daydreaming about it for years!

Anyway, for this special “zero ending” episode, I was so excited to be able to have a long chat with Brooke about her recent long term travels with her family and what they’ve all learnt from them. There is something for everything in this chat and Brooke is such a thoughtful speaker that she really is the perfect podcast interviewee. Thanks for everything, Brooke! x

Show notes: Episode 130 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Brooke McAlary on Slow Family Travel and Nomadic Life

Episode 130 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast – being a nice round number – is another very special episode, where I chat with Brooke McAlary, a very like-minded traveller, book author and podcaster, and a very important friend of the podcast!

Brooke and her family have spent the last year slow travelling around North America (with a little faster travel during Brooke’s book tour for her book “Slow” … ironically!). Packing up life in Australia and heading far north for an extended time was a huge deal and in this interview Brooke and I chat about how they made this decision, what it involved for work and for the kids’ schooling, and how it’s all gone.

Like me, Brooke and her husband Ben left Australia in their 20s to spend an extended time abroad, but back then, it was much easier: no kids, no house, their jobs could be whatever they found. Making this kind of “escape” with a family is much trickier and it was great to hear about all the benefits they’ve found along with the challenges along the way. If you’re an aspiring digital nomad, a lover of slow travel or you’re keen to spend an extended time living outside of your home country, you’ll get some pearls of wisdom from Brooke in this episode for sure.


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