The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 17 – What Sparks Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is such a lovely word for a feeling that’s not always easy to live with (you can’t always travel whenever you want). If you check out Wikipedia’s discussion of wanderlust you might be reminded (as I was) that of course it originally meant the desire to go hiking (wandern) rather than travel – and that nowadays Germans tend to use Fernweh (“farsickness” – the opposite of homesickness) instead, but in any case: I have long had a very strong wanderlust, and long wondered how that starts.

In this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I chat with three different travel-lovers about the origins of their wanderlust. It’s much more varied than I would have expected and Ava’s story gives me reassurance that you can develop wanderlust as an adult (so I will continue to try and convert the Whole World!).

Where does your wanderlust come from? Leave me a message in the comments to tell me, because I find all the different answers utterly intriguing.

Show notes for Episode 17 – What Sparks Wanderlust?

Where does wanderlust come from? It’s a question that’s intrigued me ever since I discovered that some people don’t even like travelling, others love it despite their parents never mentioning it, and others (like me) have been led to a life of travel by their parents’ example.

In Episode 17 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I talk to three travel lovers who have had their wanderlust sparked by very different things. For Bethaney Davies of Flashpacker Family, it was a childhood babysitter who started it all – and then Bethaney became a teenage Lonely Planet addict!

The next guest on this episode is Diane Bortoletto of Travelletto, who was somewhat influenced by her parents – although she didn’t take her first overseas trip until the age of 24. Lastly I speak to Ava of My Meena Life who is a really interesting guest because her wanderlust has only hit her recently – but it’s hit her hard!


Episode 17 - What Sparks Wanderlust - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. I was feeling a bit bummed because we were supposed to take a day trip last weekend but I was feeling too poorly to go, but then I listened to the podcast (finally!) and felt much better when I remembered there’s always another trip and a huge reservoir of travel desire that will make it happen. Thanks for including me!


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