How to Embrace Slow Travel – Episode 44 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I am definitely an advocate of slow travel. And I will continue to talk about it until more people decide they want to try it.

Have you heard my theory of very-slow-travel? When I lived in Slovakia, after two years in Japan, I came up with the idea that you need to live in a foreign place for at least two years to begin to understand it. In the first year, everything is new (and foreign!). But in the second year, you start to anticipate stuff – cherry blossom season outings in Japan, wine festivals in Germany – and learn the best ways to experience them.

But the sad part about this theory is that no matter how healthy and fit you are, there is a fairly limited number of two-year periods in your life – in my case, far fewer than the number of places I would love to live!

But trying to travel slowly wherever you go helps some of this, and the guests in this podcast episode have quite a few useful and interesting things to say about it.

Show notes: Episode 44 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

How to Embrace Slow Travel

Slow travel is easily one of my favourite topics – taking your time when you travel instead of rushing around to see all the sights as fast as possible is a much more satisfying way to experience a new place, I think.

In Episode 44 I chat with three like-minded guests, starting with Brooke McAlary who, as the creator of the Slow Your Home blog and the Slow Home Podcast certainly knows a lot about slowing down, and shares some great thoughts about slow travel.

Matt Treglia, my second guest, is a younger traveller but a smart one: right from the beginning, he had a sixth sense that slow travel is the way to go and I think he and his girlfriend are really doing it right.

My final guest in this epsiode is Cait Flanders and we chat about her plans to spend a couple of months based in one place, getting to know it as the locals do.



How to Embrace Slow Travel - Episode 44 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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