Great Travel Souvenirs – Episode 42 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Gone are the days – for me – when I buy dozens of crappy souvenirs of a place – but I still love checking out souvenir shops and I also love hunting for something really special to take home to remember a place. Plus I’ve got a young son – and kids are notorious for looking for the rubbishy souvenirs, right?

That’s why I was so interested to talk to these three great guests about what kind of souvenirs they bring back from their travels.

I also promised during the episode to share a couple of photos of souvenirs around our house. These prints of St Basil’s Cathedral and Dubrovnik aren’t some I bought while actually there – I was backpacking and couldn’t carry anything extra – but I love them and enjoy them from my dining table.

Travel souvenirs - prints of St Basils Cathedral and Dubrovnik from Etsy

I love looking at these prints – two of my favourite travel experiences in Moscow and Dubrovnik

And my son and I are always transported back to Iceland and Germany when we look at his ornamental puffins and seagull. These little characters take part in lots of games around our house and fortunately have learnt to speak English (because we really struggled when the puffins would only chat to us in Icelandic!!!!).

Travel souvenirs - ornamental puffins from Iceland and seagull from Germany

Our little bird family – ornaments from Iceland and Germany


Show notes: Episode 42 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Great Travel Souvenirs

What do you bring back from a trip besides photographs and stories? I talked with three Australian travellers about their favourite souvenirs and how important they are as a means for remembering travel experiences.

Sarah Ridout lived abroad in France, England and Ireland for over a decade before returning to Australia, and she collected a very smart kind of souvenir so that she’s constantly reminded of those experiences. Following Sarah, I chat with Julie Jones who explained that the kinds of souvenirs she and her family bring home from a trip have changed over the years. Holly Galbraith then chats with me about her aim to have ethically sourced souvenirs from her travels.


Great Travel Souvenirs - Episode 42 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Haha, I can totally relate to collecting fridge magnets from around the world! I still have a ton of them but now we have a shiny, stainless fridge and I just can’t bring myself to “clutter it up” with all these random magnets, even though I still think some are really cool.

    I also have two gorgeous drawings I bought on the street in Cusco, Peru, but they haven’t even made it out of their carry tube… 🙁 They’ve been stuck in there for three years, poor things… 🙁 It is time to frame them!!

    These days I try and avoid “dust collectors” and often buy tea and bring a packet of tea home. Then I can reminisce whenever I have a cup of tea… 🙂

    • Oh Kati yes, frame those gorgeous drawings! I bet they’re lovely. A cup of tea is a brilliant souvenir – I hadn’t really thought of that, but a friend went to Rwanda last year and brought me a box of Rwandan green tea and I have so enjoyed it!

      • Yes, I really should frame them!!

        I’m still drinking tea I bought in Canada last year. Every time I have a cup I’m transported back to the Rockies… (and cold weather! 🙂 It’s been so hot on the Sunshine Coast this year…).

        Btw, I don’t think your comment notification is working… or at least I didn’t get an email to say you responded. Just had a look here on the off-chance you had. 🙂

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