Travel Mishaps and Misjudgments – Episode 95 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Ever made a mistake on your travels, or had some kind of mishap? If not, you probably just need to travel more. Travel mishaps and misjudgments are bound to happen but thankfully most of them turn into a good story. (Sometimes just an annoying story, like the time an airline lost my luggage!).

The stories in today’s episode of the podcast are a bit of a combination of annoying and funny mistakes and mishaps, but all of them definitely have something in common: the travellers involved picked themselves up, learnt a lesson, moved on and had more fun.

Show notes: Episode 95 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel Mishaps and Misjudgments

Mishaps and misjudgments are part of the fun when we travel – right? Well, at least that’s what my guests and I decide in Episode 95 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. I start off chatting with Matt and Marilyn from the Words with Winos podcast, who managed to make a bit of a misjudgment when they very first set out on their long travelling journey … but of course, they recovered from it and I’m glad they did (I love following their travels!).

Following on from that I talk to Samantha Fisher who ponders the idea that perhaps there are no mistakes when we travel. She has some examples of what’s happened to her when she’s made what we might call a travel mistake – and perhaps it’s not all bad.

Finally, I have a fun talk with Elizabeth and Jeff Newcamp, who have had all kinds of travelling adventures over the years and have rather a long list of mishaps to tell about – and definitely prove that mistakes often make the best travel stories.



Travel Mishaps and Misjudgments - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast






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