Travel Mistakes – Episode 69 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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Ah, travel mistakes. We all make them. If we don’t, we’re doing something wrong! At least that’s what I tell myself every time I do something dumb when I’m travelling (which is at least once every trip, though I seem to make different mistakes each time so I guess I’m learning from them).

I asked in our Facebook group about other travel mistakes people had made and loved the stories that were shared about accidentally crossing borders – a mistake I haven’t actually yet made (I’m sure it’s still to come, though!). My mistakes tend to be misreading timetables (have got better at it, though), and accidentally travelling to places in the middle of some very important event but not realising it until I arrive. But usually these mistakes tend to lead to more memorable adventures. A bit like the guests in this episode of the podcast – enjoy!

Show notes: Episode 69 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel Mistakes

Making mistakes on our travels is just par for the course, I think, and the three guests on Episode 69 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast have all made different mistakes and come out okay at the other end!

First up, Hayden Lee agrees that mistakes generally lead to the best travel stories. He has a great tale to tell about a road trip in outback Queensland that may have included a mistake or two. Then Ian of The Barefoot Backpacker has an interesting story about an entire trip which turned out to be a mistake, perhaps. Finally, Carolyn of Holidays to Europe tells of what she describes as a rookie mistake which she made when she definitely wasn’t a rookie traveller any more … but even the best of us make mistakes, I guess!


Travel Mistakes - Episode 69 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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