Cold or Sick? Adversity on Your Travels – Episode 50 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I’ve just come back from some sunny days south of Mandurah, Western Australia, staying with my dad and stepmother: my dad, who is turning 80 this year (not that you’d know it to follow him on his chores around his bush block) but what’s remarkable to me is he still has never seen snow fall. He’s headed to Europe again this year but only over summer and he really doesn’t expect to ever see snow fall.

To some of you this will seem impossible. To many West Aussies and other places from never-snow destinations, it probably makes sense. I first saw snow aged 25, in Japan, and I will always remember the moment. Coincidentally, I was on the phone to my father at that very time when my snow flakes fell on me.

First snowman in Japan

My first attempt at building a snowman in Japan

This whole cold weather topic is one I weirdly always like to talk about, and it caused me to put together this episode about adverse experiences and cold experiences in places like Canada, Iceland and Antarctica. Enjoy and stay warm and well!

Show notes: Episode 50 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Cold or Sick? Adversity on Your Travels

Sitting in sunny Perth, Western Australia, makes cold weather or illness seem far from my mind, but they still happen to us on our travels and we still get through it! In Episode 50 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I chat with three guests about experiences of adverse weather and health on their travels and it turns out that these generally make for some good stories.

First up, I chat with fellow Aussie Brooke McAlary about what we’ve learnt about experiencing really cold weather over the years. When you grow up in a warm country, you’ve got a lot to learn!

Jeff Sandquist had a somewhat scary health issue in a plane on the way to Iceland, but we chat about how he made the most of that and about other travels in Scandinavia, too. Martin Bailey was visiting the very other end of the world when he began to have symptoms of what turned out to be a brain tumour on an Antarctic expedition, and we chat about how he dealt with this issue and his recommendations for other travellers.


Cold or Sick? Adversity on Your Travels -Episode 50 - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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