The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 22 – Memorable Travel Moments: Hungry Porcupines and More

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is back after a couple of weeks off while I moved house. My new podcasting room is so much prettier! But noisier – there’ll be bird noises, I’m sure. (Not too sorry about it though, because nature is lovely.)

Well, nature is usually lovely, but the first story in this episode about memorable travel moments proves that nature – and in particular, the porcupine – is not always helpful. It’ll make you laugh, though! That story and the others I share today all arose from me asking my guests about their crazier travel moments. I’m sure you’ve had some of those, too – the kind of things that no guide book ever mentions, and that you sometimes might not even want to happen to you, but they turn out to be the best travel stories and you tell them over and over. (If you’ve got one to share, let me know in the comments below!)

Show notes for Episode 22 – Memorable Travel Moments: Hungry Porcupines and More

I recently started asking my guests to tell me about their craziest travel moments. Really, what I was looking for was those particularly memorable experiences that stick with you forever – the kind of stories you tell over and over. The three guests in this episode all have fascinating stories to tell of memorable things which happened to them in various spots across the world.

First up is Jeff Ryan, author of the new book Appalachian Odyssey: A 28 Year Hike on America’s Trail. Jeff had a particularly interesting mishap on the trail involving a porcupine.

I then speak with Diana Edelman of D Travels Round about one of those slightly-scary-at-the time, but ultimately life-affirming, moments while travelling where you actually end up in completely the wrong place – in this case somewhere in Croatia …

Finally, Tom Parson of The Lego Backpacker reminisces with me about his experiences on the grand railways of Russia. Tom took the Trans-Mongolian route while I took the Trans-Siberian, but we both got to meet some fascinating Russians.


Episode 22 - Memorable Travel Moments - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Porcupine photo via Wikipedia Commons



  1. Lovely episode and subject matter. So much fun!

  2. I loved this story abut the porcupine! No one can better it! ………. Ending up ‘nowhere’ in Croatia sounds just perfect – if totally scary! … And being able to say one has talked art and downed Vodka with Russians on a train in the back sticks of nowhere (to an Aussie!) is all part of a dream come true…. oh that travel bug is gnawing away!
    I spent a wonderful afternoon weeding my backyard and simultaneously exploring the world! 🙂

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