Travel Journal School opens today!

Drum roll, folks … my new online course Travel Journal School is now open for enrolments!

Travel Journal School ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN

Here are a few signs that Travel Journal School might be for you:

  • you’ve abandoned writing in your travel diary mid-trip
  • you’ve felt annoyed that you have to spend your evening writing everything down from the day
  • you’ve rarely read your travel journals again because they’re so boring to read
  • you’ve tried to create a photo album or photo book after your trip and you’ve never finished it
  • you can’t figure out what to write in your travel journal
  • you want to keep some kind of record of your travels but you just don’t know what to do

I’ve been teaching a shorter version of this course face-to-face in Perth for a few years and now it’s ready for the whole world! It will help you get lots of ideas for different ways you might want to keep a journal or some other record of your travels, as well as teach you how to write in such a way that you will actually want to read it again – and take the whole “chore” element out of it, too.

What does Travel Journal School include?

The course starts on Monday, 26th October and runs for six weeks, with two lessons each week (released on Mondays and Thursdays). Each lesson will include a short video, some notes, instruction and reading links, and an exercise for you to try – three of these will be homework you can submit to me for feedback. There is also a Facebook group so you can chat with your fellow travel-lovers and give each other feedback on all the exercises you do.

The topics covered are:

  1. Travel journal failures
  2. Travel sketching
  3. Using the five senses for travel journalling
  4. Posting your trip on social media
  5. Looking for the details in your travels
  6. Scrapbooking with great writing
  7. Finding the unique stories for your journal
  8. Keeping a blog
  9. Avoiding cliches in your journal
  10. Digital scrapbooking and photo products
  11. Using humour and emotion in your journal
  12. Putting it all together and planning for your next trip

How do I sign up for Travel Journal School?

I don’t want to sound all cheesy-salesy, but one of my previous students pointed out that we spend many thousands of dollars on our travels, so paying just a little to be able to create brilliant memories of these travels is well worth it. I hope you’ll agree!


Edit: Travel Journal School is running again on from 15th February 2016! Right now you can get the Earlybird Price of US$77.

What have others said about my travel memories courses?

This is the first time I’m running Travel Journal School online but I’ve had some super lovely students through my face-to-face course who wanted to tell you how much they loved it:

I found the course informative and inspiring, and I could hardly wait until my next overseas trip to start my travelogues.


I really enjoyed Amanda’s course, and it showed me how to focus on the simple things when travelling, and how to bring a piece of writing to life by putting yourself into it. It was valuable advice to keep little things from the trip such as tickets, brochures, etc.


Amanda’s course inspired me to have a photo book printed after the next holiday I took and I’m still pleased with the words I wrote to describe the highlights!

Got questions about Travel Journal School?

I have answers! Try the FAQ first and otherwise email me ([email protected]) with any questions you like, or just comment below. I’d love to see you join me in Travel Journal School!

PS: If you’re not available to join the course from 26th October (most likely because you’ll be busy travelling) then join the mailing list here and you’ll hear about the next time the course runs early in 2016.


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