Travel journals, photo books, story maps and more travel memory makers

When you travel the world, how do you remember the experiences you have? I was chatting with some fellow bloggers about this recently and these conversations reminded me just how many variations on a travel journal there are. Gone are the days when a simple handwritten travel diary was the only … [Read more...]

On Keeping a Travel Journal – Episode 32 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Ah, travel journals. One of my favourite topics, as you know. And something that takes up several shelves in my bookcase, too. I'm fascinated to hear about other people's habits when it comes to journalling, and I'm pleased to say that my three guests today are quite committed journal keepers. … [Read more...]

My first travel journal entries – a trip to Kalbarri, aged 8

Did you keep a travel journal (or just an everyday diary) when you were a child? I have various diaries and journals from many times of my life and I actually love looking back on them - most often because they make me laugh, but they're also a great way to remind me of forgotten events of the past, … [Read more...]

Travellers on why they love their travel journals

For years, I kind of assumed that I was unusual for keeping a travel diary. Whether or not my fellow travellers kept a journal was something that just never came up for discussion, and since I had long wanted to be a writer and that was one of the reasons I kept a travel journal, I just thought that … [Read more...]

Travel Journal School opens today!

Drum roll, folks ... my new online course Travel Journal School is now open for enrolments! Here are a few signs that Travel Journal School might be for you: you've abandoned writing in your travel diary mid-trip you've felt annoyed that you have to spend your evening writing everything … [Read more...]

Sunset cliches: how to make your travel journal interesting enough to read again

(Edit: My online course Travel Journal School is not currently open for enrolments - but you can sign up for the mailing list to be advised when this happens next.) Ever written about a sunset in your travel journal? Chances are that you mentioned the standard yellow/orange/pink/red colours … [Read more...]

Travel journal confession: I totally resented my trip diary and never finished it!

(Edit: My online course Travel Journal School is opening again soon for enrolments - you might like it!) Oh, irony of ironies. Some of you may know I have run a travel writing for fun course here in Perth for the last few years. I talk a lot about the best ways to write your travel journal so … [Read more...]