Would you rather – for travellers – do we think the same?

Fellow travel blogger Shane at Sea Salt Secrets published a great post last week: the Would You Rather: Travel Edition. It is full of fascinating hypothetical questions and definitely got me thinking. I’m going to answer some of Shane’s “would you rathers” and a few of my own too – and then I want to know if you agree with me, or not!

Would you rather questions and dilemmas for travellers

Would you rather …

Travel, or focus on your career, at age 25?

It’s funny that Shane asked this at exactly the age of 25, because that’s the same age I was when I first moved abroad. At the time, I was in a good career job. In fact, that was part of the problem, because I’d managed to get a job that I hadn’t really expected to get until my late thirties, so then I started to wonder – what’s it all about?

When I told my colleagues and friends at the time that I was quitting my job to go and teach English in Japan, quite a few of them thought I was pretty crazy. In retrospect, I’m more than certain I made the right decision though. So, my choice on this one is definitely travel.

Never take a train again, or never take a plane again?

Oh, this is a tough one for me! Well it’s not, really, because I have to choose to never take a train again – living on an island continent means that to get to pretty much anywhere I need to take a plane (or have endless amounts of time to take ships).

But I just so love travelling on trains that I’d be devastated to never be able to do it again – they’re my favourite form of transport, and I don’t especially love flying at all, but planes are a necessity for anyone who lives in Western Australia and wants to travel.

Stay in a seaside hut for a week, or a log cabin in the woods for a month?

This one is an odd one for me because I’m comparing two different things: location and time. I think the idea is that many people would just choose the seaside, even though it’s shorter, but in my case, two things are strikes against that: first of all, I currently live pretty close to the seaside anyway, and secondly, why would I pick a trip for a week when there’s a trip for a month on offer?

Plus a log cabin in the woods sounds relaxing and inspiring. I’ll take it.

Seaside sunset in Perth, Western Australia

I’m picking the woods, but I still do love the seaside – this is sunset over the Indian Ocean in Perth, Western Australia

Travel along the ocean floor, or take a trip to outer space?

Well, neither of these appeal to me particularly, because my idea of adventure is talking to new people or eating new foods, not doing anything more daredevil than that! But because I’d be way more scared of going into space, I’ll take the ocean floor. I’ve seen enough episodes of The Octonauts with my son to feel like that could be a rather pretty place.

Die happy in 5 years, or die unhappy in 60 years?

Tough one. If you’d asked me ten years ago, I would definitely have chosen “die happy in 5 years”. When I was travelling a lot, sometimes I’d be in situations that scared me (usually being driven somewhere dangerously – speeding through the night in a taxi with no headlights on in Egypt springs to mind) I would console myself by thinking that if I died at that moment, at least I would have died travelling, doing something I loved, rather than staying at home in a boring job.

But now I have a son and I’ve become much more risk-averse. (Not that I was ever much of a risk-taker to start with.) I wouldn’t go some of the places I’ve been now that he’s around. I wouldn’t want him to grow up without a mum, either! So, I have to pick – die unhappy in 60 years. I’m not very good at staying unhappy so I reckon I’d figure it out, anyway.

My own “would you rather” questions for travellers …

Stay in a homestay where you don’t speak the language or stay in an all-inclusive resort

I assume the average/typical member of society would choose the latter, but I’m suspect that a lot of my readers would, like me, rather stay in a homestay and muddle through with miming and online dictionaries. I’ve actually never stayed in an all-inclusive resort (and only ever once in anything approaching a resort, in Egypt) but I feel pretty sure it’s not my cup of tea. On the other hand, I’ve had a number of fantastic homestay experiences, especially in Russia. I find getting to know the locals in that more even kind of transaction – rather than in a more “servant” role at a fancy hotel – so much more rewarding.

Only ever travel to Europe again, or only ever travel to Asia again?

Oh goodness … I love both Europe and Asia for utterly different reasons, and they both have so much to explore. Although on the whole I’ve seen more of Europe, there is still so much I want to explore – much more of Scandinavia, more of eastern Europe (there are so many places I’ve never been there and I’m very keen to explore countries like Bulgaria and Romania), and even the places I’ve been to regularly or lived in still offer so much. But then Asia has perhaps even more variety, and as well as many places I’ve never been but want to (Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, to name a few), I really want to return to others like Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Hmm, if I have to choose … I honestly think I’d have to flip a coin. At this very moment, I think I’d choose Asia, because there are even more widely different cultures there and I think I’d have more to be amazed by and learn from. But it’s a really tough call.

Have a billion dollars and stay home, or have just enough money to travel

EASY! No amount of money in the world could persuade me to stay in Perth forever. I’d rather give up a tonne of material things and still be free to explore the world. Although I imagine that a billion dollars could persuade some people, nothing would be enough for me.

Would you rather - travel dilemmas - rich with Estonian krooni

I felt reach with these wads of Estonian krooni, but they were almost worthless – visiting Estonia, though, was priceless!

Over to you …

I’m so curious to know if you agree or disagree with my decisions. Or, if you want, you can challenge me with your own “would you rather” question – go for it!



  1. Ah, great questions!
    My answers are:
    1. Travel… I think! But that’s an easy one for me, because at 25 I was a brand new mum and I’d just wound up my “career” to focus on that.
    2. I have to go with train also, or else I would never be able to leave Australia!!
    3. Seaside hut. This isn’t even a competition because a) I love the sea, and b) I don’t like long holidays!
    4. Err… neither? Probably go the ocean…
    5. I’m the same as you – I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up without me as their mum! And this is just saying I’m unhappy right, not that my kids are unhappy or even that my spouse is unhappy. So that is a sacrifice I would gladly make for them, assuming that they are all happier and live better lives because they have their wife/mum!
    6. I think homestay, but after doing so much budget, and language difficult travel, I am in the mood for a resort vacation!
    7. Asia.
    8. Considering we currently live our lives as the travel option, I guess I have to choose that. Though I always love being at home… Perhaps I could use my money to help other people travel, and I would actually be just as happy with that, but then I would have an unhappy spouse, and then that would make my life and my kids life less happy… so I guess in the end I’d go back to travel. 🙂

    Great questions!!

  2. Fantastic! I am so fond of traveling. I have spent last 2 years traveling. I am a solo traveler. It is amazing how many places you can visit for 2 years. I wish more people have the opportunity to do it. Best regards!

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