What is thoughtful travel?

I go on and on about thoughtful travel. I even have an entire podcast dedicated to it. But what really is it? Basically, I think being a thoughtful traveller means that you stop and think before, during and after a trip. It doesn't necessarily mean you change anything about how you travel - … [Read more...]

Your travel favourites for the year – with a printable for you and your family

I find that the end of a year a really exciting time, so full of reflection and possibility. I think that because it also marks the end of the school year here in Australia, then we really embrace it as a time of finishings and beginnings. That's my excuse for my obsession with end-of-year stuff, … [Read more...]

6 ways the internet has ruined the fun of travel

On my first overseas trip, aged 9, most people didn't even yet have a computer, let alone even imagine such a thing as the internet could ever exist. We were off to spend six months travelling around Europe in a campervan. My parents booked our initial accommodation in a budget London hotel by … [Read more...]

Would you rather – for travellers – do we think the same?

Fellow travel blogger Shane at Sea Salt Secrets published a great post last week: the Would You Rather: Travel Edition. It is full of fascinating hypothetical questions and definitely got me thinking. I'm going to answer some of Shane's "would you rathers" and a few of my own too - and then I want … [Read more...]

When people equate talking about travels to bragging or showing off

I've mentioned before that if I start a story with a sentence like "When I lived in Bratislava ..." that people sometimes have a giggle at me. Same goes for "When I was in Tunisia ..." or "When I was on the Trans-Siberian ..." As far as I can figure (and some of this figuring out comes from … [Read more...]

If you travel enough, everybody looks the same

Before I left Australia to live in Japan, someone warned me that it might be a bit of a culture shock to be surrounded by only Japanese people - because they look different. I'm sure this person didn't mean this in a racist way at all, rather they were passing on their own experience, and … [Read more...]