#mylocalworld Instagram challenge for July 2015

Back in April, a bunch of Not A Ballerina readers gathered around on Instagram and Facebook and shared a picture a day which illustrated some aspect of their local world. We had pictures from the United States, Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, the Middle East, Malaysia, both sides of Australia … and they’re just the ones I can name off the top of my head.

What’s more, lots of the people who were taking part in this “photo a day” challenge got to know each other and I know that they, like me, were always looking forward to seeing what the others posted each day. It really was, just like I’d hoped, rather like taking a virtual tour of the world and meeting the locals, and seeing how their everyday world is different from our own.

I loved it so much (and so did many of the participants) that I’ve decided to do it again in July. It’ll be a perfect way to celebrate the fact that my blog is now 10!

#mylocalworld photo a day prompts for July 2015

So, without further ado, let me show you the prompts for each day of July 2015:

The photo prompts for the #mylocalworld challenge at NotABallerina.com

There are no special rules and if you can’t post a photo every day, that’s absolutely no problem, though there were a great bunch of people last round who did manage this – I was super-impressed! But really, it’s all about having fun and sharing some of your culture with others. Last time I was often surprised at where the cultural differences showed up – I can’t wait to see what I learn this time.

How to join in with #mylocalworld

Probably the most fun place to “play” along with #mylocalworld is on Instagram. Check the topic each day (for 1st July, it’s “looking down” – you can always interpret the prompts how you want, but I imagine this as something like the typical ground or ground cover in your area, or a fun sign painted on the sidewalk or footpath, or something like that). Share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #mylocalworld and feel free to mention me as well (@amandakendle) so I can be sure to see it. (But the #mylocalworld hashtag is the most important thing, so everyone can find your posts.)

However, if you’re not on Instagram you can also post your photos onto the Not A Ballerina Facebook page – we had several participants doing this last time and it worked great, too. The main thing is that you’re sharing an image and we can all have a look and a chat!

You don’t have to be a great photographer (I certainly am not!) and if you’re curious about last time’s results, check out the #mylocalworld tag on Iconosquare and you’ll see a bunch of them.

See you online in July! And yell with any questions, of course.

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