#mylocalworld Instagram challenge for July 2015

Back in April, a bunch of Not A Ballerina readers gathered around on Instagram and Facebook and shared a picture a day which illustrated some aspect of their local world. We had pictures from the United States, Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, the Middle East, Malaysia, both sides of Australia ... … [Read more...]

Happy 10th birthday to Not A Ballerina! It’s my blog anniversary!

Well, here we are: the blog is turning ten. I've been blogging here for a whole decade! In past years I've celebrated my blog's birthday with cake (and quite often, by forgetting to celebrate the blog anniversary entirely). This year, my blog's birthday - 28th June - falls somewhat awkwardly on a … [Read more...]

Send my blog a postcard to wish it a happy 10th birthday

The actual 10th birthday of Not A Ballerina is drawing ever nearer: next month is birthday month (and the exact anniversary of my rather pitiful first post is 28th June). As part of the blog's tenth birthday celebrations, I'm not looking for birthday cards - after all, this is a travel blog - … [Read more...]

#mylocalworld – discovering how other people’s everyday worlds look

The celebrations for Not A Ballerina's tenth birthday continue and for April, I'm holding a photo-a-day challenge - #mylocalworld. The idea is that readers and followers from all around the world can share an image a day during April, following the topics below, so that we can all build up a … [Read more...]

Armchair travel: One for families, one for escapees (to Prague or elsewhere!)

My month of armchair travel is coming to a close and it's been so fun, as part of celebrating the blog's 10th birthday, to spend a few weeks immersing myself in some new books about travelling - not quite as good as actually travelling, but certainly a lot cheaper! In this final post of the series, … [Read more...]

Sentimental memories of Japan, and Halfway Home by Christine Mari Inzer

A book about Japan? A really cute book with drawings and comics about Japan, drawn by a teenager? I am totally in! As soon as I heard about Halfway Home: Drawing My Way Through Japan by Christine Mari Inzer, I knew I'd love it and would be reminiscing about my own time in Japan - two of the most … [Read more...]

Travelling in Africa: Armchair travel giveaway of Njinga by Kate Leeming

I first heard of Kate Leeming's African adventure via an email from my mother. She told me she'd seen an interview with Kate on TV and was sure I'd love her story. As many of you will know: mothers are always right! I do love Kate's story. She's a fellow Western Australian originally and has … [Read more...]

Armchair travel – great books and a month of birthday giveaways at Not A Ballerina

Most of us, unfortunately, can't travel all the time. (And honestly, I don't think I want to travel all the time - although a bit more often would be good!) However, a pretty decent substitute for travelling is travelling vicariously through others, and I do love to read a great travel book to give … [Read more...]

9 travel quotes that remind us why we travel

In these days of social media, famous travel quotes seem to be everywhere. But if you keep an eye on them, a lot of them are the same old ones over and over again, and I think they stop being meaningful then. But looking at amazing words that writers, philosophers and more have written about travel … [Read more...]

10 years of Not A Ballerina in 2015 – my plans to celebrate my blog anniversary

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2015 - the year that Not A Ballerina turns 10. I can't believe that this blog which I started without too much thought in my little flat in Heilbronn, Germany, will reach its double figure birthday this year. Back when I started blogging, announcing that you … [Read more...]