Take me back to Inis Meain, or Inish Maan, or whatever you call that gorgeous scenic place …

Shockingly to me, it's almost a year ago that I was on my last European trip and about to visit Ireland for the first time since my childhood. With friends spending six months on one of the least known Aran Islands, either Inis Meain or Inish Maan depending on your preference, I dragged my husband … [Read more...]

How travel helps you want a minimalist lifestyle

Every single time I return home from a trip I have a burning desire to declutter my house. Yes, travelling makes me want to lead a much more minimalist life and I love it. In fact, given my tendencies otherwise to hoard and by untidy, I should probably travel every month and then my house would look … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a three-year-old (long-haul, the worst kind!)

According to my blog statistics lots of people visit here because they want to know how to survive air travel with a baby or how to survive air travel with a toddler. Having recently been to Europe and back (and one way on my own with Mr3) I have a few more tips but the best piece of advice I have … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock even after a month in Europe

When I returned from living abroad in Europe and Asia for more than five years, I suffered from some reverse culture shock: I found it hard to settle back in to "normal" life in Australia, I felt detached from my friends, and I was sad that nobody seemed to want to hear about my time away and many … [Read more...]

Dubai Airport and how the difficult parts of travelling fade quickly from my memory

En route to DubaiBefore our Europe trip this year, I'd managed to get a bit nervous about the first week which involved travelling on my own with a three-year-old: a long-haul flight from Australia to Europe with an overnight stop in Dubai, a couple of nights in Vienna, a couple of trains to Trnava … [Read more...]

Meeting the locals, the Inis Meain way

Easily one of my favourite things about travelling is meeting local people, which is one of the reasons I particularly loved living in Japan, Slovakia and Germany for a year or more each, because that was really the way to get to know the locals. On our recent trip to Ireland I cheated: I stayed … [Read more...]

The world is smaller now, and friends just keep showing up

Z and I a decade ago! When I lived in Bratislava (ten years ago - eek, that went fast!), I made a totally fabulous friend who in the interests of privacy I'll call Z. We recognised each other one day at the bus stop early in my stay, as she was a student in one of my large in-company English … [Read more...]

Exploring the rubbish bins and garbage trucks of Vienna – a new perspective on travel

I knew that this trip to Europe would be quite different to any other trip I've made there - I've never had a three-year-old in tow before and if you happen to know any three-year-olds you will know that they are quite a unique species. Curious (about particular things they want to be curious … [Read more...]

Why I’m not cut out to be a typical modern-day travel blogger

I've just come back from a month overseas. A great month overseas, in fact, spanning six countries and seeing numerous family members and dear friends. And a month in which I took hundreds of photos.But if you look at this blog, or at my Facebook page or Twitter profile or even on Instagram, one of … [Read more...]