That strange building in Frankfurt, Germany …

On my big first trip, 25 years ago in Europe, regular readers will remember that I kept a diary of some of the highlights, or at least what seemed like highlights to the mind of a nine-year-old. Apparently, in Frankfurt, Germany, a city which I have to admit I’m still not thrilled with despite flying in and out of it numerous times, the big highlight was this:

Yes, I took two pages of my diary to show “The Strange Building in Frankfurt”, which most people who’ve been there will realise is a TV tower. To be accurate, it’s the Europaturm (“Europe Tower”) in Frankfurt, the second tallest building in Germany (it was the tallest when it was built in the 1970s). Wikipedia informs me that this tower is very similar in size to the Eiffel Tower. Not quite the same level of success as a tourist attraction, though!

These days it’s owned by Deutsche Telekom, a company I don’t have any real passion for since they caused me plenty of trouble when I lived in Germany, but I do rather like their corporate colours and that’s why the modern-day version of the tower looks so pretty, at least at night when these magenta lights come on. If it had looked that pretty back in 1985 I’m pretty sure I would have got the coloured pencils out!

It’s funny, isn’t it, what kids notice when they’re travelling? I look forward to future travels with my son to see what kind of sights make the biggest impression on him. And if it turns out to be an ordinary road sign or a run-of-the-mill roadside cafe that impresses him the most, instead of the amazing places we line up for him to visit, I will take care to remember this drawing of Frankfurt’s TV tower and not show my disappointment.

(Modern-day Europaturm picture via Wikicommons)


  1. It´s so cute that you would draw the monuments you saw as you traveled.

    • I drew all kinds of odd things – just rain falling even (I guess as an Aussie I wasn’t used to seeing that so often!).

  2. I am pretty sure that he will remember the ordinary things… The same way children ignore the exotic birds in the zoo and get excited about the sparrows… 😉

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