500 posts later and the ballerina is still (not) dancing …

If I could go back 500 posts, I might change the whole ballerina theme to this blog, but I’m too sentimental to do it now. Yes – 500 posts ago, I wrote for Not A Ballerina for the very first time. Of course, it has taken me over six years to reach this milestone so I am not exactly a prolific blogger but I am a steady one (and they win the race, if you recall).

Anzac Day, Perth

I had a browse through my blog and found some of my other significant milestone posts, and I think they give a balanced taste of what Not A Ballerina is all about. For example, my 100th post was about experiencing the Anzac traditionΒ at the dawn ceremony in Perth. For those not in the know, Anzac Day is all about remembering those who have served for Australian defence forces and it is a solemn but proud day for us Aussies.

Post number 200 was my patriotic (patriotic on my husband’s side, that is) post on Germany and a soccer tournament. Yes, you wouldn’t have to read this blog for long to notice I have a bias towards Germany (although my bias towards Australia is bigger!). I’m not exactly a soccer maniac (well, not even close really) but it’s a good demonstration of how travel broadens your horizons because soccer and especially the FIFA World Cup have often come up in my global wanderings.

By the time I got around to my 300th post, I was reminiscing about my first big trip through Europe as a nine-year-old and wrote about one of our most exciting episodes there, driving with the Italian police. That trip through Europe certainly cemented my love of travel – fortunately this run-in with the police didn’t have the opposite effect.

Amagatsuji train station, Nara, Japan

My 400th post remains a sentimental one for me, with several photos of everyday life in Amagatsuji, the little town I lived in during my second year in Japan. That’s another thing you’d notice if you hung around this blog for a while – I love Japan, and nearly all things Japanese. How could you not?

And my 500th post? Well, that’s this one! I guess when I started this blog at my tiny wooden desk in my small flat in Heilbronn I didn’t really know what it would lead to. Not only have I gone on to write 500 posts, it’s also led to all kinds of freelance travel writing jobs, the opportunity to teach others how to blog, and to start a small consultancy business in blogging and social media. Thanks, blog. And happy 500th post.


  1. Happy 500th Ballerina! very interesting looking back on your milestones and hearing how it all began πŸ™‚ you have done very well my friend. here’s to 500 more!

  2. Congratulations Amanda, what a great milestone, interesting going back and looking at the other milestones. xxx

  3. Congratulations – a great milestone to reach no matter how long it took!! I wonder how long it will take for 500 more??!!

  4. Thanks Rach, Sami and Red Nomad! I also wonder how long it will take for 500 more … if I nearly daily that’s only two years – but it’s taken me six to get to this one …

  5. 500 posts! That’s quite an achievement. I’ve recently gone over the 100 mark after about two years – hope we both keep on posting.

  6. Thanks Ann! Congrats on your century, too. Yes, I hope we do both keep on posting – I think we will – I’m pretty sure we are both addicted to blogging by now πŸ™‚

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