Mother’s Day giveaway: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters

For many countries around the world, and here in Australia too, Mother’s Day is coming up in May. And that makes it a very opportune time for me to hold a special giveaway here on Not A Ballerina. Yes, time for loyal readers to win a prize!

Mother and daughter in Red Square

You may recall that I’ve written about travelling to Russia with my mother, a fantastic trip where we homestayed in St Petersburg and Moscow and had some bonus time in Estonia and parts of Germany on our way there and back. Well, a story I wrote about this trip has just been published in a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book called The Magic of Mothers and Daughters, and in fact there’s a whole (great) chapter on mother and daughter travel, with some lovely stories – but we’re the only ones who went to Russia!

I’m giving away two copies of this book to Not A Ballerina readers, who might like to keep it for themselves or pass it on to their mother for Mother’s Day. (If you’re curious, as I was, about when Mother’s Day is held, I discovered a good list on Wikipedia and found that Russia and many eastern European countries hold it in early March, Middle Eastern countries have picked late March, the UK version is connected to Lent making it March or April, and then a very long list of places have Mother’s Day in May. Now you know.)

To enter the competition, all you need to do is leave a comment here and tell me either:

  •  a great place you’ve travelled to with your mother or daughter (or son), and why you enjoyed the trip
  • a place you’d love to take your mother or daughter (or son)  and why you’d choose that place.

 Make sure you leave me with some way to contact you – if you link up to a website of yours that’s fine, or if you don’t have one, leave your email address in the comment (it’s fine to spam-proof it by typing jack AT gmail DOT com if you want, I won’t use it for anything except contacting winners). It would be great if you could also follow my Facebook page to stay in touch with the results.

To hopefully get your prize to you well before Mother’s Day – remembering I’m living way down here in Perth, the most isolated city in the world, and many of my readers are spread across the globe – you must leave your comment by Saturday, 14th April 2012. I’ve decided I’ll ask my mother to decide the winners, based on how interesting she finds your comments! (I’ll strip your contact details off them first, just to make it completely unbiased!). So, hop down below, leave your comment, and wait until mid-April to hear if you’re a winner!

(And remember – anyone can leave a comment in the “Name/URL” section – you don’t have to leave a URL, just a name is enough.)


  1. Travelling with your mother or daughter is a very special time. The last trip with my daughter was fun as she was determined for me to travel her way!!As we headed for Hvar and Korcula, I promised to leave the accommodation up to her!The Croatian mamas waiting on pier spotted her backpack and started offering rooms to stay. Eventually she agreed to one and the adventure started!It was the same in Korcula (3 bed apartment for 30E, not bad!)but after a couple of late nights which resulted in me walking Korcula at 2am looking for her, I pulled rank and headed for the comfort of a hotel in Dubrovnik!I didn’t hear a complaint!! A special trip with both of us enjoying each others mode of travel and fun times together.

    • Good on you Jenny – sounds like a lot of fun and good of you to try out your daugher’s travelling style – my mum did the same for me. I don’t think all mothers would be prepared to do that!

  2. My Mum was 61 when we took her on her first camping trip. Dave was between engineering projects at the time and decided he wanted to cycle from the top of The Kruger Park in South Africa, all the way down to Cape Town and he needed me as back up to drive the car and trailer. Problem was I had a very demanding breast feeding baby to look after, but one (teary) phone call to Mum in England and she was on the plane, Gung Ho for adventure. We had some laughs, tears and misadventures over that three months living in our small ‘dome that was home’ for the three of us … and saw some incredible scenery as we meandered through game parks, over mountains and across arid plains – just three grown ups, a baby and a bike.

  3. I’d love to take my Mom to Tampa to see her sister. She hasn’t seen her in years and my Mom loves the warm weather and beaches in Tampa

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  4. I would love to take my mother back to her childhood so she could visit her grandmother again. She passed away before I had a chance to know her. She was such an inspiration to my mother that I know she would love to see her one more time. I would also love to eat one of the fabulous “southern style” meals she was famous for whipping up three times a day. [email protected]

  5. Ok, so I’ve devoted some time to think about this (which is quite an achievement actually, as my brain is usually filled with competing mundane facts and information such as the lyrics to the Wiggles’ mashed potato song, and ‘Just where did I hid my make-up so Blake wouldn’t get it?’)
    I would LOVE to take my mum to The Church of The Good Shepherd, at Lake Tekapo, in the South Island of New Zealand. (Have you been there?) I went there on my honeymoon. I don’t think my description on any photograph would truly do this place justice. The church was built in 1935 from local stone as a memorial to the pioneers in the region. It is small and is the only building on the edge of the lake. On entering the church, the window behind the altar has the most awe-inspiring views of the lake and snow-capped mountains behind it. The lake itself is a large, brilliantly still and clear lake that reflects the mountains and the endless blue sky. I am not a religious person but being inside that church and drinking in the view made my soul sing! I would love to take my mum so hers could sing too.

    • Aww … that’s so lovely! I googled that Church and it does look gorgeous and in a perfect setting. I hope you get to take your Mum there one day!!

  6. Well, it’s been maybe 27 years but I remember when I was REALLY young, my mother and father and sister and I would go to Key Biscayne, FL and we’d have a great time at this hotel… lots of fun activities for the kids. We stopped going and I think it’s because I got carsick (it was a drive for us rather than a plane trip). It’s been such a long time and I’d love to do it again to relive old times. Now that I have a son and am expecting my second, it could be a three-generation-trip! I do think the hotel is gone now though, so we’ll have to improvise 🙂
    tamarsweeps at

  7. I would love to take my daughters to Disney World. we went when they were young and it would be so fun to take the adult versions.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  8. I traveled to NYC with my mom a few months after her recover from a heart attack. It was a first time trip for the two of us there and I loved it!

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