I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Berlin

“I want to Go with Oh”, I read with increasing glee,
These people want to send a blogger on a travelling spree!
Of all the cities listed, and they’re ten of Europe’s best,
It’s Berlin that’s got my heart thumping harder in my chest.

I’ve scraped the surface of Berlin, three times, maybe four
And celebrated East joins West at Brandenburger Tor,
But many times I’ve said it, you’ve all heard it before
Berlin is so incredible that all I want is more!

To “Go with Oh” I need to choose five highlights of a stay,
Reducing it to five is hard, it’s taken me all day,
But do read on and you’ll find out what would appeal to me
If I could win the chance to stay in Berlin again for free!

I’ll start with something sobering, a field of large stone blocks
The Holocaust Memorial is somewhere that may give me quite a shock
But sometimes shock’s important, to remind us of what’s past
And to give us hope that lessons learned may manage somehow to last.

Next on my list is an attraction that is really still quite new
The Currywurst Museum is a place where I surely won’t be blue!
I’m dreaming now of curried sausage, sauce dripping down my chin
A whole museum devoted to this? It really makes me grin!

For views across Berlin and even further (but not quite to home)
I’ll take the lift and climb some stairs up to the Reichstag Dome
Looking down on politicians, looking upwards to the sky
Seeing famous churches, streets and castles from up high.

No visit to Berlin is done without remembering the Wall
And Haus am Checkpoint Charlie is the place that has it all:
Escape attempts, escape success, depressing failures too
Imagining, with a wall around, just what you would do.

And finally I’d spend some Euro on the Ku’damm going shopping
Walking down the avenue with all the coloured leaves dropping
Everything I’d want to have and more is here for the buying
Though fitting it in to my backpack later could be rather trying!

So there you have it, loyal readers, my top five Berlin highlights
To keep me busy if I win and stay a dozen nights.
If you’re a blogger, enter too, the details are below
But if you win and don’t take me, I’ll be feeling pretty low.

So that’s it – my ode to Berlin is over! The extra info: fellow bloggers can enter the contest too (promising, of course, not to write an entry that beats mine), but don’t despair if you’re not a blogger, because Go with Oh have also lined up a Facebook contest with some particularly cool prizes, including Samsonite luggage, a new iPad, €500 worth of accommodation or a Panasonic Lumix camera … hmm I think I would rather like all of those. But I would love a month of free accommodation at Go with Oh apartments even more!!

And now it’s your turn – I’m curious which of the ten cities you would have picked. Go with Oh’s list includes Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Venice, Dublin or Florence – what would be your preference? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Amanda @ Farsickness says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin. I sadly didn’t make it there during my European travels. Looks like you have a good trip planned out 🙂 Good luck!

    • Amanda, you have to get back there and see Berlin!! It’s the ultimate European city!!!!

      Either that, or hope I win and you can travel vicariously through me 🙂

  2. Jenny Woolf says

    If you win and get to Berlin go to the old dance hall there, forget its name, but its really crazy and everyone knows it. You don’t have to dance, they do concerts there too. What a place, like something out of a film. If you win, get in touch and I’ll dig out the details. But that’s what I remember most about cool, cool Berlin!

    • That sounds very intriguing Jenny, I will definitely follow that up with you before my next Berlin trip (whether by winning a competition or just getting there myself – my crystal ball definitely shows some kind of extended stay in Berlin in my future – I just *have* to!!)

  3. Hi Amanda, I’m a lucky woman who lives in Berlin, and I arrived to your blog after reading your article about the relationship between travel and patience (really good reading!). I think the dance hall Jenny is talking about is called “Clärchens Ballhaus”. !

    • Gisele Navarro Mendez says

      There’s a beautiful song which says that “timing is the answer to success” 😉 Have a great Friday + weekend!

    • Hi Gisele, what luck that you happened across my blog on a day when Berlin was at the top! You’re very lucky!! Fantastic that you know the name of the dance hall (will make a note!) and will definitely check out those other contests – thanks heaps!

    • What a profound line – I love it! And the same to you – enjoy the Easter weekend in Berlin!

  4. I remember Checkpoint Charlie! Berlin is an exciting city. Good luck with the competition Amanda. (I haven´t forgotten the box, just very busy at work and when I get home I´m exhausted…promise this long weekend I will start on it) Have a great Easter xx

    • Thanks Sami – yes Berlin is easily one of my favourite cities but I haven’t spent nearly enough time there yet! (And no problem on the box – I know all about being busy! – please take your time and don’t stress!)

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