Around Australia in a van: First stop, Kalgoorlie

In the spirit of sentimentality and the great feedback I got on my 25 years ago in Europe series, I’ve dug out our old family photos from another big motorhome trip we did: this time around (kind of) Australia. Many Aussies wait until they’ve retired to hitch up the caravan and travel around this great land, but I was just twelve when we spent the two months of summer holidays seeing as much of Australia as we could.

We didn’t do the classic circumnavigation route, but instead headed from Perth out east across the Nullarbor, sped up the east coast to far north Queensland, then meandered our way back. I’ll be posting some of the highlights from this trip in my new Australia in a van series, and this is the first stop.

Some furious driving (everything’s far apart in Western Australia) got us from Perth to Coolgardie, pictured above. But our first overnight stop was nearby at Kalgoorlie – you can see my Dad, sister and I crowding around the statue of Paddy Hannan, a famous local who found the gold which began the gold rush.

I’ll always remember that Kalgoorlie was our first overnight stay: in fact, we had a running game going that every night of our trip, we’d recite (in order) the names of all the places we’d stayed in. “Kalgoorlie, Baladonia, …” – I remembered them all back then, but now I’m stuck after two. Hopefully sharing some of the highlights of our trip with you all will jog my memory!


  1. We went to Kalgoorlie in a caravan too. Will come back later for a better browse through your posts.

  2. Lovely Trish – I hope you enjoy them!

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