Passport pirouette: Honestly, I’m going to Canada!

I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting Canada once, when I took a trip to the west coast while I was living in Japan. I’m dying to go back to see more, because my ten-day exploration of Vancouver and Vancouver Island certainly convinced me that Canada has heaps to offer, and that was really just scratching the surface of a tiny corner of it!

What I do remember, however, about getting to Canada, was the – apologies to all American friends and family – the incredibly unhelpful passport control officers in the United States. I flew from Osaka to Los Angeles, where I had about an hour to transfer to my flight to Vancouver. I wasn’t staying in the US, obviously, and in fact was in rather a hurry to get to my next flight. But the officer insisted that I fill in an address on the US immigration card. I tried to argue my case, but he really insisted, and although he obviously knew it was a big lie, he only let me through when I wrote down “Los Angeles Hilton” on my card. Fortunately, this annoying start didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for my great Canadian holiday though!



  1. Funny story! Have never been to Canada but it sounds gorgeous.

  2. I didn’t think it was very funny at the time, but yes, now, on reflection …

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