Cruisin’ 4 a Cure: A unique way to drive around Australia

Meet Ness - a very cool traveller who, under the mantra "One girl, one year, one motor home, $1m target", is currently driving around Australia raising money for the Cancer Council to use in funding research grants aimed at finding cancer treatments. Ness has survived two battles with Hodgkin's … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Canberra, our nation’s capital

I'm a big fan of Canberra. In fact, I'm quite a fan of the non-ostentatious capital city in general - you know, those capital cities that are actually a lot smaller than many nearby cities and just quietly go about doing the job of running the country (Brasilia, for example, or Bern).Parliament … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Three Sisters with my one sister

Three sisters? That would be a bit much for me - I think I was lucky to visit the Three Sisters with my one and only sister! Of course, it was almost twenty-five years ago ...I've been terribly neglectful in continuing my Australia in a van series but here we are again, moving on from skateboarding … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Sightseeing in Sydney

Some people visit Sydney and say that climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge is their most memorable moment; others might pick a performance at the Opera House. But when I first visited Sydney, aged 12, the thing that stuck out most in my mind was, of all things, a skateboarding dog.Dog skateboarding at … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Mining at Muswellbrook

Moving down from Queensland, the next stop in my family's semi-circumnavigation of Australia by van was, well, New South Wales (a fact that will be very obvious to Australian readers, but perhaps not to others). I don't quite remember the connection (although I'm pretty sure my mother will email me … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: A happy Hervey Bay Christmas

In my series on our family trek around Australia I left you back in Far North Queensland, but just in time for Christmas we moved a little further south to a town called Hervey Bay (and it sounds like Harvey, despite the spelling. Can anyone explain that to me?). Kids being kids, we obviously wanted … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Far North Queensland is pretty far

If you're driving from Perth, Western Australia, then Far North Queensland (as they call the very top of that state) is about as far as you can drive. Unless your car can swim (or unless you ask Google maps). What I remember most about my time in Cairns as a 12-year-old is the fantastic swimming … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Whitsundays wildlife

During my last Around Australia in a van recollection when we reached the Whitsundays I mentioned that I had a strong memory of a bird landing on my sister's head. It turns out this memory (unlike many others) was actually true, because I just discovered the photographic proof. Well, close to proof, … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Whitsunday dreaming

Daydream IslandLast instalment I left off at Gundagai, admiring the dog on his tuckerbox, and wondering why cats didn't feature in statues. (Well, I have two cats, and I can understand why their loyalty factor isn't exactly high enough to reward them with statues, but still ...) From there, our … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: The road to Gundagai

If you've been waiting for the next instalment of Around Australia in a van, here it is. For some reason (perhaps the sun is in our eyes?) my sister and I both don't look entirely thrilled to be sitting here, but ignore us, and try to look closely at the dark lump on top of those concrete blocks. … [Read more...]