Greek treasures, including smuggled seaweed

It all started with that drawing of Hong Kong, and now I’m mildly obsessed with my shelf full of old travel diaries. This won’t be the last post you’ll see about some of the treasures and diary entries I made during my campervan trip around Europe as a nine-year-old, I promise you. Today, it’s all about Greece. And I must send my belated apologies to the Australian quarantine authorities because it seems that a couple of decades ago I probably should have declared that I was carrying this piece of Greek seaweed. (Since it is still dried and shrivelled in my old diary, I assume it is no danger to Australian plant or marine life. But yes, I did the wrong thing.)
Apparently I also liked to collect pretty much anything that came our way. This carefully-labelled receipt was from a ferry we took – if only it listed what we bought, I’d be guessing an orange juice for me and who knows what else! Perhaps an ouzo? Very sadly they didn’t even use the Greek alphabet. And we were obviously headed to Patras at the time, and I included a picture from a brochure. 
It’s funny what we keep, isn’t it? I’ve always had hoarding tendencies (I think they’re inherited from my father – certainly not from my mother who’s much more organised and tidy than me!), and now all these years later it’s a joy to discover my travelling treasures. I’m particularly fond of the piece of seaweed.
If you went to Greece, what do you think you would bring home?


  1. I went to Greece about 5 years ago and bought a plate as a souvenir (was collecting plates from every country then…) as well as a couple of olive oil soaps which I was told were very good for the skin, plus I had never seen soaps made out of olives. Unfortunately I seem to have the hoarding gene as well,and paper seems to “find” me everywhere I go.

  2. I never been to Greece yet. But the same here, was collecting so much stuff from everywhere, including all the plane tickets, but when I moved out of Italy in March, I had to get rid of everything, shame!

  3. @ Sami, olive oil soaps sound lovely, hope you enjoyed using them! Yes, the hoarding gene is a tricky one … hope I haven’t passed it on to my son!

    @csf traveler, it’s a shame when you have to throw stuff away isn’t it – although these days if you have a scanner you can at least keep a record of it (that’s my current plan!).

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