Picture pirouette: Picturesque Poland

The Polish capital wasn’t particularly welcoming when I spent most of a week there a few summers back – mostly because Poland obviously hadn’t figured out it was summer, and it drizzled the whole time, despite the heat wave that was killing pensioners in not-that-far-away France.
Just the same, I did manage to fall in love with Warsaw’s Old Town Square, pictured here. Despite being catastrophically damaged during World War Two, the Poles made a huge effort to quickly and correctly reconstruct their historical centre, using as much of the original building material as possible and carefully referring to drawings to make it accurate. If you visit Warsaw, you have to visit the Warsaw Historical Museum on this square, just to be amazed at how hard the locals worked to restore the city to its glory.
Because it is a glorious centre – each building has entirely its own look and character, and they come from different periods of history, but the effect when you see them all sandwiched together is fantastic. Coming from Australia, a country a little short on for historical buildings, perhaps makes me even more impressed.



  1. Magda Upton says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Warsaw, I was born there! I must admit though I prefer Krakow and Zakopane from a tourism point of view 🙂

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