Tasmania with a toddler: Highlight – Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

When we decided to go to Tasmania with our little boy, one place I was determined to revisit was the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park on the Tasman Peninsula not too far from Port Arthur. I remembered it clearly from my first visit as an amazing place to see Tasmanian devils up close and feeding … [Read more...]

Galloping back on the travel wagon, via Melbourne

There have been a few key moments in my travelling life when I've kind of thought, yes, I'm a traveller and I can go anywhere I want. If you're not "a traveller" (whatever I really mean by that) this may not make sense, but for me it's a very powerful moment that kind of gives me the feeling that I … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Hobart and Launceston

On our trip to Tasmania our focus was definitely more on nature and landscape than cities, and we just had a couple of half-days in Launceston (where we flew in and out of) and just one day in Hobart, the capital city. And we were glad we'd planned it that way, because we both felt ready to get out … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Tasman Peninsula and Port Arthur

You know how you visit a place and then years later still think it was a really gorgeous place and you just have to show it to your loved ones? And how sometimes this can be really disappointing? Well, thank goodness, this was not the case when we returned to the Tasman Peninsula on our recent trip … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Strahan and the Gordon River

In between our time at Cradle Mountain and then at Lake St Clair, our Tasmanian trip included a few days in the west coast town of Strahan. It's a bit of a tourist mecca, in Tasmanian terms, but then again it's in a distant part of a distant state in a distant country so it's not exactly overcrowded … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair

After all the fun of planning our Tasmanian trip, we've finally been there and "done it", so to speak. Ten days in beautiful Tasmania equals a lot of blogging fodder, but I'm going to make you wait and trickle out a post once a week. Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain Our first proper … [Read more...]

My international flag obsession and how it’s obviously genetic

After being driven around Europe for six months as a child, I developed quite an obsession with things geographical: capital cities, currencies, languages and especially flags. One of the local banks put out a poster every year or two showing all the flags of the world and I adored this poster. Yes, … [Read more...]

Greek treasures, including smuggled seaweed

It all started with that drawing of Hong Kong, and now I'm mildly obsessed with my shelf full of old travel diaries. This won't be the last post you'll see about some of the treasures and diary entries I made during my campervan trip around Europe as a nine-year-old, I promise you. Today, it's … [Read more...]

An artist’s impression of Hong Kong, with bonus musings on apartment life

Regular readers will remember my 25 years ago in Europe series in which I laid bare numerous pictures of me as a nine-year-old (fortunately, I haven't received *too* much ridicule as a result!). But wait, as they say, there's more. I recently came across the diaries I kept during those trips and … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a baby

I booked my little boy's first international plane trip before I even knew he was a little boy. It seemed like a crazy thing to do at the time, but booking a trip from Australia to Europe is kind of a necessity when your other half is German and all his family (naturally enough) will want to meet … [Read more...]