Picture pirouette: Christmas in Heilbronn, Germany

It's almost Christmas. It's the time I wish I was back in Europe and I could tour the Christmas markets. Oh, I miss them. So quaint, so cosy, so Christmassy! This gingerbread was hanging in the Heilbronn Christmas market in southern Germany. Tastes good and looks cute. What more can you want at … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a baby

I booked my little boy's first international plane trip before I even knew he was a little boy. It seemed like a crazy thing to do at the time, but booking a trip from Australia to Europe is kind of a necessity when your other half is German and all his family (naturally enough) will want to meet … [Read more...]

Germans keen on Korea (and my photos)

I get all kinds of mail directed to me through this website, and an interesting one recently came from a German woman who was starting up a magazine (in German) about South Korean culture. She contacted me after seeing pictures here on my experience of the World Cup in Seoul back in 2002. I … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Learning about “Eis” in Germany

This picture of my sister and I was apparently taken 25 years ago in Koblenz, according to my mother's captions, but it probably could've been anywhere in Germany. As you can see we are happily waiting for our ice cream to be prepared. I suspect we got more than one ice cream during our stay, so … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: The first of many tastes of Germany

When I was nine years old, I'd already learnt German for a couple of years at school, but just in the half-hearted Aussie way which meant I could say my name and count to ten. Still, that was more than I could do in other languages so I was pretty keen to get into Germany. Little did I know that … [Read more...]

Checkpoint Charlie’s going all capitalist

I'm a huge fan of Berlin - you might remember it's tentatively my favourite European city - and that's why this newspaper article caught my attention, and not in a positive way. It describes how that fast food giant I don't want to name is planning to move into a building next to the Checkpoint … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: 2006 World Cup fever in Germany

For a gal didn't know the first thing about soccer - aka football - while growing up in a country where football meant something totally different (non-Aussies, check out Wikipedia's explanation of AFL), I've really become a big fan of at least the every-four-years excitement of the FIFA World … [Read more...]

My own fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall anniversary

I wasn't in Berlin for the fall of the wall twenty years ago this month. You wouldn't expect a young Aussie girl to be there, of course. But incredibly, I was there almost a year later on October 3rd, 1990, when west and east were reunited.With all the media attention this significant anniversary is … [Read more...]

City tips: Berlin could be my favourite European city

A friend of mine asked me this week for some tips for his week-long trip to Berlin, and when I'd got halfway through writing the email I realised just how much I love Berlin and thought I'd share my must-sees with everyone. I first visited Berlin as a 14-year-old on a school exchange trip, … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: German countryside in summer

Winter's starting up in Germany now, but there's a summer mood where I am in Perth, which is perhaps why these photos I took during a German summer caught my eye today. In the countryside around Heilbronn, it's usually rare to find yourself in any way "alone" - compared to Australia, the south-west … [Read more...]