500 posts later and the ballerina is still (not) dancing …

If I could go back 500 posts, I might change the whole ballerina theme to this blog, but I'm too sentimental to do it now. Yes - 500 posts ago, I wrote for Not A Ballerina for the very first time. Of course, it has taken me over six years to reach this milestone so I am not exactly a prolific … [Read more...]

Music on my travels: I heart Herbert Groenemeyer

There is a lot of music in my life. Granted, these days a lot of it is nursery rhymes and children's songs, but even with them I have made sure we have a good selection of both German and English CDs plus several with multicultural kids' songs in all kinds of languages. And when I travel, I love to … [Read more...]

German not-quite-cuisine – I want some Currywurst

Currywurst mit PommesIf this photo makes you hungry, it is totally not my fault - blame Ally at The Alibi who wrote about eating Currywurst in Berlin last week. If it doesn't make you hungry and you're wondering what on earth it really is, read on and all will be revealed.Currywurst, if you haven't … [Read more...]

My friend’s going to Germany for two weeks …

Recently I got one of those messages that I really love: a friend is going off somewhere fantastic for a holiday and is looking for advice on what to see and do. Even better, this friend had decided to spend two weeks in Germany - one of my specialities!You might think I'm odd, but I get nearly … [Read more...]

Tall places I’ve been: Ulm Munster, a very tall church

When you've been travelling the world for, well, pretty much anything longer than five minutes, you'll start to get a bit blase about any tourist attraction billing itself as the biggest, smallest, tallest, shortest, widest, narrowest, and any other superlative you can imagine. Distressingly often, … [Read more...]

Tierpark Hellabrunn: Visiting the zoo in Munich

Elephant in Tierpark Hellabrunn, MunichSince my little boy came on the scene, I've become a regular visitor to the Perth Zoo. (Hmm, I should probably blog about that since I'm always rattling on about enticing people to Perth - and it's a great zoo!) We went again this week, and I'm always glad we … [Read more...]

Visiting Heilbronn, Germany: What to see and why to go!

Even when I meet people who know Germany well, not too many of them know anything about the town I lived in - Heilbronn. To many who've driven around the south-west of Germany, the name is familiar only because two large Autobahns intersect there! Otherwise, it's probably considered a bit of a … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Working in Germany

One of my most hard-won visas is this "Auftenthaltstitel" for Germany. Having learnt German as a kid at primary school, and gone on with it through high school and university, I was desperate to live in a German-speaking country to have half a chance of getting a second language up to scratch (and … [Read more...]

Onion cake? Culturally satisfying Zwiebelkuchen

It's all about food today, because I'm feeling kind of peckish. I just came across this photo of our homemade Zwiebelkuchen and wanted to share it. My (German) husband’s not usually much of a cook, but he can turn out a mean Zwiebelkuchen. Literally translated, a Zwiebelkuchen is an onion cake, … [Read more...]

My top three castles: Bojnice, Osaka and Heidelberg

Coming from Australia, where castles don't really exist - well, except for the movie The Castle! - I've long been fascinated by these structures, right from when I was a kid and the Disney castle would show up on TV every Sunday night. And my sentimental yearning for the Disney castle is what has … [Read more...]