Driving me crazy

Yesterday I had the joy of returning to teenager-hood as I took my driving theory test here in Germany. The rules are different for everyone but with my Australian licence (thirteen years of unblemished driving) I need to take the theory and practical tests and the first aid course. And so it was … [Read more...]

A European Christmas with my sister

Christmas is coming ... are you ready? This post is part of the update-old-blog-posts project, undertaken nearly 15 years in to my blogging journey! It covers my European Christmas experience back in 2005 and includes so many fun and fond memories. Sleigh Bells and Mulled Wine Seasons keep … [Read more...]

Tea for four: An Aussie demos Japan in Germany

Following the tradition of mixing cultures as much as possible (like the kendo exhibition of July) - and thanks to the fact that I'm muddled enough to try to keep up my Japanese language skills while I'm living in Germany - today saw four members of my language class (two Germans, a French woman and … [Read more...]