Picture pirouette: Jellyfish in Singapore

I wasn't exactly blown away with Singapore's Underwater World when we visited on a stopover from Europe. But I do rather like this photograph I took of their jellyfish collection. Very strange creatures! (And a nice background colour.) If you want to go to an aquarium on your travels, I still … [Read more...]

City tips: Berlin could be my favourite European city

A friend of mine asked me this week for some tips for his week-long trip to Berlin, and when I'd got halfway through writing the email I realised just how much I love Berlin and thought I'd share my must-sees with everyone. I first visited Berlin as a 14-year-old on a school exchange trip, … [Read more...]

South of Mandurah: Cape Bouvard Winery and the thrombolites

My home state of Western Australia really has a lot of hidden attractions to offer. This week my father took us to a small winery just south of his property, which itself is almost 20km south of the growing city of Mandurah. I'd been to this winery area once years and years ago, but I was surprised … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Anzac tradition

When my alarm rang at 4.30am (on this, a day off from work) I didn't really feel like getting out of bed. But along with thousands of other presumably like-minded people, I decided in comparison to the sacrifices Australian soldiers have made, one morning without sleep was a small … [Read more...]

Multicultural madness

My new day job - teaching English to foreigners at St Mark's International College in Perth - not only pays the bills, but gives me plenty of inspiration. Just as I learned so much from my fantastic students back in Germany (and elsewhere!), spending my day with people of many nationalities ensures … [Read more...]

Cornish cliffs

My Easter Egg hunt this year extended to a nine kilometre walk, starting from Land's End at the (disputably) very bottom south-west corner of England. Escaping the tourist clutter (and Tatiana's incredulity that you had to pay for photos with that famous sign) was a priority, and thanks to the … [Read more...]

Driving me crazy

Yesterday I had the joy of returning to teenager-hood as I took my driving theory test here in Germany. The rules are different for everyone but with my Australian licence (thirteen years of unblemished driving) I need to take the theory and practical tests and the first aid course. And so it was … [Read more...]

Tea for four: An Aussie demos Japan in Germany

Following the tradition of mixing cultures as much as possible (like the kendo exhibition of July) - and thanks to the fact that I'm muddled enough to try to keep up my Japanese language skills while I'm living in Germany - today saw four members of my language class (two Germans, a French woman and … [Read more...]