Historical hotels: A creepy night at Wolf’s Lair, Poland

One of the creepiest places I've ever spent the night was at Wolf's Lair (aka Wolfschanze in German, or Wilczym Szancu in Polish), near the town of Gierloz in the north of Poland. I stayed in a hotel on the site at the very place where Hitler spent a significant amount of time during World War Two … [Read more...]

Learning to love art galleries

A bit of a confession: during the early stages of my travels around the world, I tended to visit art galleries out of a sense of duty. I liked the idea of going to galleries, but didn't really get how people could spend a long time in one, and I visited more because I felt like you should see the … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: Three Sisters with my one sister

Three sisters? That would be a bit much for me - I think I was lucky to visit the Three Sisters with my one and only sister! Of course, it was almost twenty-five years ago ...I've been terribly neglectful in continuing my Australia in a van series but here we are again, moving on from skateboarding … [Read more...]

Karaoke boxes: Why you shouldn’t be scared of them!

When I tell Western friends I'm off to karaoke for the night, I very often get a strange reaction. Usually it's because they imagine me singing up front of a large crowd of strangers. No way! I'm talking karaoke boxes, the kind you typically find all across Asia and are easy to find in most … [Read more...]

Tunisian doorways: the blue, the yellow, the intricate

Over at A Taste of Travel, Jenny recently posted about the incredible doorways she saw in Morocco and they reminded me so much of Tunisia that I just had to go through my photo collection and dig out some of my own door pictures. There are not many places in the world where I've found myself … [Read more...]

Why haven’t I been to Portugal?

As regular readers will know, not only did I spend six months campervanning around Europe as a child, I also lived there for three and a half years as an English teacher, making the most of living centrally in Slovakia and Germany to take lots of short trips to many corners of the continent. … [Read more...]

The Japanese love of cute (and my Snoopy bank card)

Doing some tidying over the long weekend I found a box full of memories from Japan. It appeared to be a box I posted home to Perth at the end of my stay, then didn't really unpack because I didn't get back to Perth for three more years. It was a real trip down memory lane, with numerous cards and … [Read more...]

Sleeping on an air mattress in Croatia

I'm not a rugged outdoors adventure type, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoying camping. I do! I have! I'm a total convert to tenting it! Okay, a total convert might be stretching the truth, I am by no means someone who grabs their tent at the first opportunity but I have had several great … [Read more...]

Animal-inspired travel: 10 places to see my favourite animals

No doubt having a two-year-old boy in the house helps, but even before he came along I was often interested in visiting places because of their animals. I think that's part of a natural curiosity so many people have (starting as kids) to see interesting and different animals, but it's probably also … [Read more...]

I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Berlin

"I want to Go with Oh", I read with increasing glee, These people want to send a blogger on a travelling spree! Of all the cities listed, and they’re ten of Europe’s best, It’s Berlin that’s got my heart thumping harder in my chest. I’ve scraped the surface of Berlin, three times, maybe … [Read more...]