Experiencing the Anzac tradition

When my alarm rang at 4.30am (on this, a day off from work) I didn't really feel like getting out of bed. But along with thousands of other presumably like-minded people, I decided in comparison to the sacrifices Australian soldiers have made, one morning without sleep was a small … [Read more...]

Multicultural madness

My new day job - teaching English to foreigners at St Mark's International College in Perth - not only pays the bills, but gives me plenty of inspiration. Just as I learned so much from my fantastic students back in Germany (and elsewhere!), spending my day with people of many nationalities ensures … [Read more...]

Cornish cliffs

My Easter Egg hunt this year extended to a nine kilometre walk, starting from Land's End at the (disputably) very bottom south-west corner of England. Escaping the tourist clutter (and Tatiana's incredulity that you had to pay for photos with that famous sign) was a priority, and thanks to the … [Read more...]

Driving me crazy

Yesterday I had the joy of returning to teenager-hood as I took my driving theory test here in Germany. The rules are different for everyone but with my Australian licence (thirteen years of unblemished driving) I need to take the theory and practical tests and the first aid course. And so it was … [Read more...]

Tea for four: An Aussie demos Japan in Germany

Following the tradition of mixing cultures as much as possible (like the kendo exhibition of July) - and thanks to the fact that I'm muddled enough to try to keep up my Japanese language skills while I'm living in Germany - today saw four members of my language class (two Germans, a French woman and … [Read more...]