Because travel sure beats being at school, kids

Going to school is important, right? But could travelling be even better? A friend of mine (coincidentally, the one who inspired me to get involved with Kiva) recently wrote an update on Facebook: And then she made sure I knew about, assuming (100% correctly) that I would be a kindred spirit here! … [Read more...]

Everyone’s talking about visiting Slovenia

Recently, I keep coming across mentions from people the world over who are considering visiting Slovenia. That's not bad considering that a decade ago barely anyone knew what or where Slovenia was, and a bit over two decades it was tricky to visit anyway, tucked behind the Iron Curtain. Entering … [Read more...]

How I survived air travel with a toddler

On my last trip to Germany I survived air travel with a baby, and then the baby got bigger. I realised that our next trips were going to be a bit trickier. Somewhat ambitiously (in retrospect) I booked flights from Perth to Tasmania via Melbourne (there's no direct route) for a time when our little … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Perth bloggers

On Sunday, I'll be hosting a Nuffnang-sponsored meet-up in Kings Park (home to these gorgeous flowers!) for a bunch of Perth bloggers who I (mostly) have met through my blogging courses or freelance writing work - plus a couple who I've known online for a while but have never had the chance to meet … [Read more...]

Melbourne with a toddler: Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Zoo

My little boy (who's now almost two) and I enjoyed a week in Melbourne recently, and not only was I pleasantly surprised at what an agreeable travel companion he was (although many have since suggested it is probably in his genes to love travelling!), I was also happy that we found so many very … [Read more...]

12 great landscape views I’d love to see (one day!)

Since my Tasmanian trip, I've been increasingly obsessed with amazing landscapes and have been doing lots of "travel daydreaming", so I decided to put together a list of beautiful places I'd like to visit. So be warned, there is lots of travel-lover's eye candy here and if you're feeling stuck in a … [Read more...]

Travelling to track down your ancestors

A dear friend of mine recently started a podcast for family history lovers called Genies Down Under, and since I started listening to it I've been getting inspiration to do some travelling to delve into bits of my own family history. In fact, the whole idea is so much fun that I decided to interview … [Read more...]

Travel consequences: Raising bilingual kids

Over a decade ago when I hopped on a plane to Osaka, I didn't look far enough ahead to imagine that one of the consequences of travelling the world would be marrying someone with a different mother tongue and then jumping onto the journey of raising bilingual kids. No, I was just looking far enough … [Read more...]

Meandering the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This week, by some strange coincidence, not one, and not two, but three of my friends - none of who know each other - are exploring Vietnam. Two of them are heading to a boat cruise on the Mekong Delta today which got me thinking about a wonderful day I had there a few years back. Backpacking … [Read more...]

Travels with my mother … in Russia

This week was my mother's 70th birthday - happy birthday, to one of Not A Ballerina's most devoted readers! By coincidence, I have been writing pieces on Moscow and St Petersburg for one of my freelance jobs and as a result I've been (electronically) flipping through the photos of the trip my Mum … [Read more...]