Romance and Travel – Episode 169 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

When I realised that this topic of romance and travel was something that deserved to be covered on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I noted that I have had a certain lack of experience of romance and travel. Most of my travels have been either with a boyfriend or husband, or more recently, with a son. Both of these situations aren’t very conducive to romance and travel, are they! Nonetheless it was great to have these conversations and I’m happy to bring them to you – a mix of fun, serious and simply fascinating.

If you have your own tales of romance on the road, do let me know about them – I’m living vicariously at this stage!!

Show notes: Episode 169 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Romance and Travel

Let’s kick off 2020 with something we’ve never covered on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast before: romance and travel! Episode 169 covers the whole gamut of travel romance, from dating apps to testing new relationships by travelling together and exploring the cultural differences that come up when you date someone from a different country.

First up, I chat with Christine Retschlag who has done a lot of research on dating as she travels the globe! She’s no stranger to testing out a dating app in a new city and has discovered it’s a fascinating way to meet the locals.

Next, I speak with Ian and Ann who actually did meet on a dating site, and say that the fact they both liked travel was a crucial part of them becoming a couple. I love how they road-tested their relationship quite literally and quite early – and now they travel full-time.

Finally, I speak with Dan Johnston who has lived abroad in a range of different countries in Europe and central America. His dating experiences are also interesting and we realise that dating is also a good way to really get to know the local way of life in a new country.


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