How Travel Changed in a Decade – Episode 170 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

A new decade has begun … so let’s get thoughtful about the decade just gone before we get swept up into the 2020s. Episode 170 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about that hard-to-name period between 2010 and 2019; a decade that, when you stop to think, has changed the world in so many ways and a lot of that has impacted upon travel too. I’ve asked a bunch of people who are as obsessed with travel as I am for their thoughts, and put them together in this special episode.

Show notes: Episode 170 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

How Travel Changed in a Decade

It’s 2020 (and arguably not the start of the decade but let’s skip that discussion) and I want to look back on the years from 2010 until now. Travel has changed a LOT in that decade – more than I realised, until I started thinking more deeply about it and asking what some of my favourite thoughtful travellers thought.

In Episode 170 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I talk about many of the ways in which how we travel, why we travel, what we do when we travel, and more, has changed since 2010. A shout out to my lovely friend Kristy Morton, first, for giving me the idea for this episode – fitting, since she was the very first guest I ever interviewed! In this episode, you’ll hear a fabulous variety of ideas and opinions from my fellow travel media from the Australian Society of Travel Writers and, just because I realised I needed diversity (it was an all-female show until then!) a snippet from my friend Ian, aka The Barefoot Backpacker, from the UK.

The topics traverse a wide range: of course, the incredible developments in smartphone technology rate highly, but there is also discussion of how the #metoo movement has changed travel, how industry disruptors like Airbnb have altered how many of us travel, and, most excitingly for me, how many travellers are maturing in what they want: the rise of niche travel and, I hope, the rise of thoughtful travel!



  1. Hi Amanda!
    We just got back from Tasmania (Sydney in the way, Melbourne in the way back) & booked AirBnB everywhere except the Windsor in Melbourne. Our interesting places really added to the whole experience. We always book AirBnB wherever we travel & can say that we prefer it to hotels. Met some interesting people in some amazing places.

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