Travel Insurance Saves the Day – Episode 165 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

It might sound like a boring old adage that goes “if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel” but it is 100% true – and some tales in this episode show you why, in case you need convincing, and if not, are just entertaining stories!

I’ve been lucky to only need to claim on my travel insurance twice – once when my poor old backpack went to luggage heaven in Singapore (or Malaysia, or …, well if we knew where it was it wouldn’t be lost!), and again when our rental car windscreen was damaged near Århus, Denmark. I always have insurance but have learnt even more about it from some experts in this episode, too.

Show notes: Episode 165 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel Insurance Saves the Day!

You never want to need your travel insurance … but you should always have it. Episode 165 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is a mix of trips gone wrong (but yippee – travel insurance was there!) and some expert advice from people in the insurance industry. Let’s just say – I learnt a lot!

First up, I chat with Shelley Winkel who had cause to use her travel insurance after an injury far from any hospital or medical help in Patagonia – pretty much the last place in the world you want to have an accident!

Next, I speak with Lisa Kable from the Insurance Council of Australia. I’ve known Lisa for a couple of years and have figured out that she knows everything that needs to be known about insurance – she definitely taught me a thing or two in this chat!

Finally, I talk with Anthony Bianco about some of his experience in the travel insurance industry and allow him to tell the worst joke in the podcast’s existence to date!!


Transcript of Episode 165


  1. I’m so glad you kept my corny joke in there! Really enjoyed the chat!

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