Ten Years a Nomad with Nomadic Matt Kepnes – Episode 147 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Last month, this website turned 14. Fourteen years is a LONG time in blog-land – back in 2005, blogging was a very different thing, and the only way to get to know people, in the absence of social media, was by commenting on their blog posts. So, way back in those early years, I got to know Matt Kepnes when we were writing as freelancers for the same sites, like Vagabondish, Matador and Brave New Traveler, to name a few.

A decade (plus) later, I still keep in touch with Matt – well, it’s also hard not to notice what he’s up to, because he’s put those early years to good use and has created a travel lover’s empire with his Nomadic Matt brand, numerous books, even a conference! It was great to catch up with him recently for a proper chat and to hear about his new book. More below!

Show notes: Episode 147 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Ten Years a Nomad with Nomadic Matt Kepnes

One of the most well-known (and successful, for that matter) travel bloggers around is Matt Kepnes, also known as Nomadic Matt. Here’s the thing. I actually started blogging a couple of years before Matt, and we got to know each other while freelancing for some of the same travel sites back in the day – but he’s the one who went on to turn his travel blog into a very successful full-time career. I want to be jealous, but whenever I encounter Matt I’m reminded that he’s just a really nice guy and along with that, we share very similar attitudes to travel.

And so after thinking about it for much too long, Matt and I have finally caught up for a special episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast where we talk about all kinds of travel topics: budget travel and staying in hostels, how to be a thoughtful traveller and the wonders of solo travel. Matt also has a new book out, “Ten Years a Nomad” and of course that rates a mention too!


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