Our Amazing Cambodia Experience – Episode 114 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

My first trip to Cambodia last month will NOT be my last – and as I put this podcast episode together I was reminded of several reasons why! I chatted with three people I met on our Cambodia trip and it was so lovely to be able to reminisce about our wonderful experiences – though it made me quite sad that we weren’t still there!

Guests on my podcast episode about Cambodia_ Meagan, Aimee and Cham

Guests on my podcast episode about Cambodia: Meagan, Aimee and Cham

I asked each of them to talk about their favourite moments in our Cambodia trip and I probably wasn’t surprised to hear that the best parts weren’t the sightseeing (although that was awesome too) but that they all picked moments from our experiences with Hands On Journeys empowerment projects in villages near Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. I’m sure you’ll love listening to what they had to say.

Show notes: Episode 114 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Our Amazing Cambodia Experience

I’ve had lots of special travel experiences in my life but my recent week in Cambodia with Hands On Journeys easily rates as one of the most special of all, so I’m really excited to share these chats with three of my fellow travellers in Cambodia – well, to be precise, two travellers and our one-and-only tour guide extraordinaire, Cham.

First up, I chat with Meagan Hurst from California, who has previously travelled several times with Hands On Journeys but was still really impacted by our time in Cambodia. She talks about some of our her favourite experiences, especially our visit to a village near Siem Reap.

Next I chat to Aimee Jackson of London, a very special guest because she heard about Hands On Journeys from this podcast and then joined a trip with us – it was very exciting to meet her! Her favourite part of the trip was our village visit near Phnom Penh and I loved hearing her memories of it.

FInally, a very special guest is my favourite tour guide ever, Cham, who was our local guide in Cambodia. Being able to see Cambodia through his eyes made it even more impactful and I loved hearing about what he, as a guide who has met many, many travellers over the past decade, could learn from us as he led us through his beloved country.


Our Amazing Cambodia Experience - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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