Fiji and Empowerment Tourism – Episode 104 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

You may notice I can’t stop talking about my empowerment tourism tour and experience in Fiji. That’s because it was so awesome! The funny thing is, the friends I made on that tour feel exactly the same. I arranged to chat with a couple of them for the podcast and luckily for you this episode is just an extract of our conversations or you’d have to put aside several hours to listen to us rave on and on about it!

Village visit in Fiji for empowerment tourism

My son with one of the village mothers as we wander before lunch

Show notes: Episode 104 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Fiji and Empowerment Tourism

As promised, I wanted to tell a bit more about some of the experiences we had on our recent Fiji trip, and I asked some of the friends I made on tour to join me for a chat – so Episode 104 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about Fiji and Empowerment Tourism. 

I actually asked my friends Whitney and Luana to tell me about their favourite part and, like me, they both decided it was our day in the village where Hands On Journeys have set up an empowerment tourism project.

Whitney chats with me about all the different things we did on our day in Nailaga village in Ba province, western Fiji, and I learnt quite a lot – she and her partner got to chat with different locals and learn more about their life and culture there.

It was also great to chat with Luana, who was visiting Nailaga for the second time. She also had a different perspective as she and her husband are from Brazil, and found some similarities between the Fijian and Brazilian cultures. 



Fiji and Empowerment Tourism - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast








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