Destinations Worth Visiting Twice – Episode 101 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Sometimes I just want to go to completely new places when I travel, but sometimes it can also be really fun to return to a destination you’ve visited before. I started asking some of my podcast guests about the destinations they always return to and got some very interesting answers!

Show notes: Episode 101 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Destinations Worth Visiting Twice

Which destination would you love to return to? In Episode 101 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I’ve asked some of my guests about the destinations they keep returning to. Mine, for the record, is Japan – I lived there for two years, and have been back twice since, but want to go as many more times as is humanly possible!

My first guest on this episode is Lucas Peters, who currently lives in Paris – which used to be a destination he wanted to keep returning to – but he chats with me about a Moroccan town named Asilah.

Next, I talk with Jim Jones about two popular tourist destinations that he likes returning to for many different reasons – Las Vegas, and Paris. I’m with him on Paris but I’ve never been to Vegas – I think he convinces me I need to try, though.

Finally, fellow West Aussie Erin Holmes and I talk about the place virtually every Perth person has been to: Bali. Erin has been there many times and has plenty of good reasons as to why she keeps returning.


Destinations Worth Visiting Twice - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast



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