Adventures Abroad in Nature – Episode 84 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Nature is amazing, right? I’m a city girl, born and bred, and many of us don’t get outside the city too often. But if your adventures abroad take you into nature you can see some truly phenomenal things, and some of these feature in the stories my guests have to tell you in this episode of the podcast.

When I thought about overseas adventure travel in the past it filled my head with scary ideas like bungee jumping or heart-attack-inducing hikes, but nature travel can be just as adventurous – but I’m more likely to do it. Just have a listen to this episode and you will see exactly what I mean.

Adventures abroad in nature podcast lion kill in Africa

Nature travels highlight: a lion kill in Africa – thanks to Linda of Self Drive Adventures for the photo

Show notes: Episode 84 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Adventures Abroad in Nature

Like going on adventures abroad in nature? Then you will love listening to the stories my three guests have to tell in Episode 84 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. I was so lucky to be able to chat with them about these amazing stories of the kinds of things not many people get to experience.

First up, I spoke with Eva Westerling, a German travel-lover who has had all kinds of incredible adventures abroad, not least of which includes climbing up an active, erupting volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. (Thought you might like to see a little video of what this can look like!)

Another way to watch the power of nature came the way of Linda Schlencker, thanks to a lot of patience watching and waiting in Africa, and Linda’s story in this episode is about natural travels at their best – seeing something in the animal kingdom that not many people get to see.

Finally, I was chatting with Kristen Truempy about overseas adventure travel and when we got onto the top of risks involved with adventures abroad she brought up this story of her trip to Morocco.


Adventures abroad in nature - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


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