5 new year travel resolutions you might like to keep too

I’ve stopped making those New Year’s resolutions that fail (usually exercise daily and eat no bad foods ever) – but I am more than happy to make some new year travel resolutions because thinking more about travel can only be a good thing, right?

You may have seen a couple of these mentioned on my 18 in 2018 list, but I wanted to go deeper on the travel side and set some extra-interesting and extra-good intentions for travelling this year (and, let’s face it, next year and the one after that and so on …).

5 new year travel resolutions

And so, my resolutions are:

 1. Remember to travel slowly

Last year I was reminded about the value of travelling slowly, but as I plan a trip to Japan for March, I keep finding myself wanting to squeeze more and more in. We’ll be mostly based in Osaka, but we could take a day trip to Himeji to see the castle, and then if we’ve gone that far west we could go a bit further west and spend a night in Hiroshima, and then also go to Miyajima … and the list goes on.

I keep reminding myself that this is not the last time we’ll be in Japan, and that my son will enjoy it more if we spend a longer time in fewer places, because he loves to travel that way and honestly, so do I. But it’s hard when there’s so much great stuff just nearby!

2. Look after myself while travelling

It’s easy to think “I’m travelling!” and use that as an excuse not to take care of myself properly. For example, although it’s not that hard to eat well when I travel, I am often guilty of taking the easy way out and grabbing a less-than-healthy snack (could be sweet or salty, but too much of whichever it is!) rather than buying fruit. It doesn’t have to be that way! (At least in Japan I know I eat pretty healthily … just too much!)

I also want to make some skin care resolutions too – when I travel I’m a bit lazy, especially if I’m travelling carry-on only, and don’t take much with me. I’m good at religiously applying sunscreen because I live in a country that “wins” at having the highest rates of skin cancer anywhere, but beyond that, I need to take a bit better care.

3. Practise the language before I get there

I was a bit disappointed in myself last year for not learning a few more Bahasa words before our trip to Malaysia. That’s not like me and I love being able to at least use a few polite words with locals, rather than always expecting them just to automatically say every single thing in English.

With Japan on the list, I’ve been sporadically hopping on to Duolingo to revise my Japanese (I love that they have added Japanese just in time!) but I should do it more consistently. I know that in Japan it’s a huge benefit to be able to speak some of the language, and when I went back to Osaka a year or so ago I was amazed at how much Japanese I could remember from when I lived there. It’s such a good chance and I want to take the time to get back up to speed!

New year travel resolutions and returning to Japan

4. Keep a journal properly

I love travel journals. I love having great journals to look back on. I know all about the many different ways you can keep a great journal when you travel. And yet somehow I only have about a fifty per cent success rate at keeping a good one each trip!

So before each trip I take this year, I’m going to have a proper think about what kind of journalling is going to work for the situation, and then do it. No excuses!

5. Take better photos and take no photos

I know, that’s a contradiction right? Well, first up, I want to learn how to use my DSLR camera better so that I can capture the amazing things I see in a form that looks a little closer to reality. But at the same time, sometimes I feel like all I’m doing at a place is taking photo after photo for posterity, and I should put away my camera or my phone and just enjoy it. So I’m going to be aware of this and look to get the balance right.

Your travel resolutions for the new year

Do you have some of your own travel resolutions? I’d love to hear about them!

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