How to enjoy Perth beaches

There’s a part of the coast road, heading north from Scarborough in suburban Perth, that I think plenty of Western Australian people will know: the moment when you’ve just curved around after the hotels of Scarborough, come up a bit of a crest and suddenly the Indian Ocean is just laid out before you. I’ve lived in the northern suburbs of Perth for about half my life and I have never got sick of discovering that view. It gives me the same kind of unique-to-Australia feeling that being in the bush gives me, and I felt the need to share a few of my thoughts on how a visitor can really enjoy a Perth beach.

How to enjoy Perth beaches in Western Australia

Me and Perth beaches

First, there is the beach of my childhood. Mettam’s Pool in Trigg was the spot we’d always head to cool down in summer. It was a particularly sheltered bit of ocean without huge waves, and there was plenty of sand to fit in plenty of Aussie families. The sand always burnt my feet, though.

When I got older and drove myself to university, I always found excuses to drive the coast way (the freeway would be too busy, etc) because staring out over the ocean was the best way to make sense of life as a teenager. (It’s actually still the best way to make sense of life!)

Sunglasses on a Perth beach

Me on a deserted Perth beach – and with my new sunglasses! From this Ralph range!

I moved away from Perth, and looked for beaches which could meet my high standards, but I never did. It’s not the reason I came back, but it’s something I love to experience now. It’s too hot in high summer to go swimming at the beach with young kids – it’s better to have a friend with a backyard pool – but in cooler weather I very often head to the beach for a long walk on the sand. Great exercise, great views, great thinking time.

Why are Perth beaches the best?

I’m totally biased about this and I’m prepared to confess that high-standard beaches spread beyond Perth – my favourites ever are around Esperance – but for a city of two million people, we have incredibly clean, white sand beaches with lots of easy access and they are fabulous. With our statistically-proven high number of sunshine hours you are bound to get a good beach visit in Perth – though it’s important to remember your hat, sunscreen and sunglasses!

Deserted Perth beach in summer

Deserted Perth beach in summer

My favourite part is that it’s so easy to find yourself alone on a beach in Perth. This picture? A weekday in summer, about lunchtime – it only took a quick look at three different beaches to find one that was completely deserted. I could walk all that way and not encounter another soul. I love it!

Which Perth beaches should you visit?

If you have a car, then you really can’t go wrong – drive west until you hit the coast, randomly stop at any beach and you are on a winner, I reckon!

Sunset near City Beach in Perth Western Australia

Sunset near City Beach in Perth

If you’re reliant on public transport, then there are a few that are easier to get to than others … suggestions are from north to south:

  • Hillarys/Sorrento – at the Hillarys Boat Harbour, there’s a sheltered family-friendly beach within the marina, and directly south beyond the boat harbour is a huge wide stretch of beach with a new shark net. You can reach the boat harbour by bus.
  • Scarborough Beach – also reachable by bus – is a bit more developed and touristy but still the beach is vast, white and clean.
  • Cottesloe Beach – with restaurants and cafes around here, and a short walk from the train, it’s popular but has a good atmosphere.
  • Fremantle – being the end of the Fremantle train line makes the whole are of “Freo” easily accessible and there are several brilliant beaches here.

Have I convinced you yet? I promise you won’t regret exploring Perth beaches and it’s more than enough reason to head down to my gorgeous hometown.

FYI: I’ve worked together with Vision Direct to bring you this post, and I love my new sunglasses, but I was reminded while trying to get some pictures that the one downside of Perth beaches is that they can be VERY windy – enjoy these out-takes!

Windy Perth beaches with Ralph sunglasses



  1. beautiful Pics. beaches are really awesome to visit. I hope you really enjoying your trip.

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