11 world famous Minecraft builds to encourage your kids to love travel

I’m always doing everything I can to encourage my son’s love of travel. Mostly because I strongly believe that travelling can bring him so many benefits, but also a little bit so that he’ll happily come travelling with me around the world!

Over the years, encouraging his interest in travel has taken different forms. Now that he’s six, he’s old enough to have found his very own definite interests and right now he has two very strong ones: Lego and Minecraft.

Using Minecraft building ideas to travel the world

My son really loves playing Minecraft (creative mode only at this age!) and he also likes to get inspiration from other Minecraft players on YouTube. Since I often sit down with him to watch these videos, I try to have some influence in the kind of topics he chooses. Sometimes he has his own ideas but now and then we find an idea we both like. This week, it was looking for famous buildings around the world that have been built in Minecraft – it was like taking a world tour from our lounge room.

11 world famous Minecraft builds to encourage your child to love travel

He already has been lucky enough to visit a few famous buildings around the world, and has always been interested in knowing more, so a lot of the ideas came from his See Inside Famous Buildings flap book (a gorgeous book if you can get it!) along with ideas from the Go Jetters series. We had fun Minecrafting our way around the world and I thought I’d put together a list of our favourites so that you and your Minecraft-addict can do the same.

1. An awesome Minecraft Taj Mahal

I have to put this one first because I’m so pleased that my son is coming up with places he wants to travel to all on his own. I’ve never been to India and never been especially keen to go, but since my son’s fallen in love with the Taj Mahal – he loves the symmetry of it, he tells me – then it’s jumped higher up the list.

This Minecraft video shows the Taj Mahal being built pretty fast in time-lapse and my son is ready to try his own version now.

2. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in Minecraft

To recreate Berlin there are a whole lot of things to build in Minecraft but the Brandenburg Gate is the one my son picked, and quite rightly as I’ve told him lots of stories about it and we got to visit it together last year.

I’m trying to persuade him to build an entire Minecraft city of Berlin but he’s usually ready to move on after one building … so far!

3. Best Minecraft Sydney Opera House

I’ve been trying to encourage my son to demand a trip to Sydney, because despite heading to the eastern side of Australia three times in his life, he’s never been to our biggest city (and I want to go again soon to catch up with lots of friends there!). So I was pleased he picked the iconic Sydney Opera House in Minecraft for our list.

It’s a tricky building to recreate out of blocks, and Minecraft isn’t all that kind to its curves, but we both quite liked this quick tour.

4. Minecraft version of St Basil’s Cathedral

My all-time favourite building in the world is St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and my son knows it, and insisted we find a good version in Minecraft. It is a truly bizarre building (which is why I love it!) and not too many Minecraft players have attempted it.

Even the music seems to fit with this one – although it’s a shame it doesn’t include the inside of the cathedral, which is nearly as interesting as the outside.

5. One of Minecraft’s Eiffel Towers

I suspect that one of the most oft-built famous Minecraft structures is this one: the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We looked at a few and found that one of my son’s favourite Minecraft Youtubers, Keralis, had found a truly spectacular Minecraft Eiffel Tower.

This is a slightly longer Minecraft video but Keralis (a Swede, I believe) narrates it beautifully so it’s easy to watch. I think you probably don’t even need to go to the real Eiffel Tower after touring this one!

6. The Great Wall of China (kind of) in Minecraft

I’m not convinced that this is a particularly accurate representation of the Great Wall of China, and I haven’t been there myself, but my son loves it and is in awe of how much time it would have taken to create in Minecraft.

All I can think of, though, is the scary story one of my guests told about his trip to the Great Wall of China in my Feel the Fear and Travel Anyway episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast!

7. How to build Stonehenge in Minecraft

Just to mix it up a little, this is a how to Minecraft video because my son decided this was the best representation of Stonehenge – there were plenty of versions that didn’t make it look ruined enough, but he liked the materials they used here and the video explains how to do it.

It’s even better than the real thing, because you can get up much closer than I could the last time I visited!

8. Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza in Minecraft

My son has long been interested in ancient Egypt so I wasn’t surprised that he picked this video, even with the lengthy report on the history of Egypt before it got to Minecraft – he was enthralled.

I really liked the tour of the inside of the Minecraft pyramid – it seemed like there was a decent attempt to be historically accurate, too.

9. Machu Picchu of old in Minecraft

This was my suggestion, because I thought it would be nice to cover all the continents, and my son had (shock horror!) forgotten what I’ve told him before about Machu Picchu. But it turned out to be one of his favourite from this list.

It is a really beautiful version of this ancient city which actually lends itself surprisingly well to the boxy Minecraft look.

10. Touring a Minecraft version of the Statue of Liberty

This is a long way from the real thing but my son, knowing very well from his books what the real thing looks like, really loved this one and made me include it! It is the Statue of Liberty as you have never seen her before, let’s say.

The only complaint here was that my son wanted to be able to get inside the statue and climb up, like the real thing. Next time perhaps!

11. Not a building: Antarctica in Minecraft

In my desire to cover all the world I insisted we have a look for an Antarctic representation in Minecraft and here it is!

I have to say that snow and mountains look kind of weird in the boxy version Minecraft creates but my son loves it and that’s what counts, right? Of course, he totally wants to go to Antarctica now. Me too!

Your favourite Minecraft creations around the world

If you’re a Minecraft player yourself or the parent of one like me, let me know if you’ve found some amazing Minecraft videos of famous places across the globe. I’m always keen to let my son think about travelling and I don’t mind whether it’s in Minecraft or not – got to meet him where his interests lie, I say!


  1. I love this! What a clever, original and quirky way to not only encourage travel but to learn about different countries and landmarks! I certainly didn’t know half of these places as a six year old. 🙂 I’m tempted to take up Minecraft now!

    • Thanks Korii! He certainly does know his way around the world much better than I did as a six-year-old, too! (And Minecraft is way more fun than it should be – I sneak a play when Mr6 isn’t looking!)

  2. This is so awesome I am sharing it immediately for the holidays!!!

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