19 passport stamps and the stories they tell about my travels

I love my passports. I love to flip through their pages and look at the various passport stamps and visas over and over again, and I always keep my expired passports as very precious souvenirs. In the earlier years of my blog I had a series of very short posts about different pages from my … [Read more...]

11 world famous Minecraft builds to encourage your kids to love travel

I'm always doing everything I can to encourage my son's love of travel. Mostly because I strongly believe that travelling can bring him so many benefits, but also a little bit so that he'll happily come travelling with me around the world! Over the years, encouraging his interest in travel has … [Read more...]

Four different homes abroad and what I’ve learnt from them

I'm not a massive fan of moving house. (I mean, really, who is? It's a lot of work!) However, I have moved plenty of times in my life and in particular, I have had four different homes abroad - two different flats in Japan, one in Slovakia and one in Germany. When I read a recent Kiki and Tea post … [Read more...]

Five destinations I’d like to revisit

Some travellers like to check places off a list and never return. I actually love returning to places that I've been before: it's interesting to see what has changed, to compare it to my memories, to catch up with people I met there. I also love visiting brand new places, of course - that's how … [Read more...]