Travel daydreaming: Returning to Malaysia

During winter I often think about escaping to a more tropical zone – even though winter here in Perth really isn’t cold on a world scale (and as I type this, it’s a bright sunny day) – but I am definitely a summer person. It doesn’t help that we have south-east Asia right on our door step and a good number of my friends have just spent the school holidays in places like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

If the money and time fairy visited right now, I’d get her to take us over to Malaysia again. I still often wistfully think of our trip to Penang a couple of years back, where my son and I got to experience the amazing variety of food in Penang and he first learnt to love temples (he’s still very intrigued by them).

Travel daydreaming Returning to Malaysia

Malaysia daydreaming

I would return to Penang in a heartbeat, but there are two other big reasons I want to return to Malaysia and explore more. The first is totally my son’s fault: after our experience of Legoland in Germany, he is (understandably, I have to admit) very, very, VERY keen to try out Malaysian Legoland. While parts of it are similar to the German version, there is also plenty that’s different, including swimming stuff that you just couldn’t do even in “high summer” in Germany. And although I’m saying it’s all my son’s fault, I actually also loved German Legoland so much I’m keen to use him as an excuse to go to the Malaysian version – with the bonus that it’s much closer than Germany.

Secondly, I feel I have completely cheated poor Kuala Lumpur. I have spent many, many hours at the airport, because when I lived in Japan it was always my stopover city (and the gaps between flights were always long!). But I’ve never spent any time in KL itself and there seems to be much to love there. It’ll be very easy to convince my son to go there, too, because he has already got to know the Petronas Towers in one of his books about famous world buildings.

Travel tips

I still remember spending quite some time online when I was doing the hotel booking for the Penang hotel for our previous trip, because I wanted to stay for two whole weeks in the same place and it had to be just right! I recommend finding a site where the various accomodation hotels are both easy to compare and book and having no booking fee is a bonus. I ended up half way between the capital of George Town and the tourist hub of Batu Ferringhi and that was just right for us.

The other important thing I learnt about travelling to Malaysia with young kids is that it was beautifully safe. I was a bit anxious before we left, as although I’d travelled a reasonable amount in Asia before, it was all before my son was born, and I was concerned that it would be trickier. It wasn’t, and the Malaysian people were all so very kind to him, too.

Your Malaysian tips, please?

But even this little daydream is just touching on Malaysia’s wonders, I’m sure. If you’ve been, what are your favourite parts of Malaysia? All recommendations are very gratefully received in the comments below!


  1. Good tips about Malasya Amanda. One of the places on my list to visit in the near future.

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