Are All Aussies Tanned and Tall? – Episode 27 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Given that when this episode goes live, I’ll be halfway up the Western Australian coast exploring a bit of country Australia, this is a particularly relevant topic (by complete coincidence, I must add) – what’s the stereotype of an Australian?

I was born and bred in Australia and have lived here for all but six years of my life, and that means I’ve met a lot of Australians. And while we are, of course, all completely different, there are a few characteristics that seem to be shared by we Aussies more than other nationalities.

In this episode, it was interesting to get a few perspectives on Australian people – from Americans, a New Zealander, and finally an Aussie. Enjoy – mate!

Show notes: Episode 27 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Are All Aussies Tanned and Tall?

In Episode 27 I am covering a very serious question: Are all Aussies tanned and tall? It’s all about stereotypes of different cultures but especially those of people just like me, Australians. The first guests are Katie and Jeremy Kloberdanz of The Life Bohemian who have all these delightfully nice things to say about Australians (thumbs up from me!).

Following on from them, I chat with Tom Parson, the Lego Backpacker, and hear about the stereotypes people are discussing in youth hostels across Europe these days. Finally, I talk with Dianne Bortoletto of Travelletto and we talk both about Australian stereotypes and how travel broadens our outlook and helps to dispel stereotypes completely.


Are All Aussies Tanned and Tall? Episode 27 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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